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Chapter Two: Your Eyes Tell Lies Your Mouth Can Never Spill.

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Gerard goes to the party and see's Bert. Nuff said ;]

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Chapter Two: Your Eyes Tell Lies Your Mouth Can Never Spill. [Part One]

“Hey, gorgeous!” Bert shouted, jumping out from around the corner. I clutched my heart dramatically.
“Bert. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”
“Well… it might be easier to fuck you when you’re dead.” I gave Bert a disgusted look and started walking quickly down the empty corridor.
“Gerard, wait?” shouted Bert, running after me. He caught up and linked his arm in mine, holding it so I couldn’t get away.
“You coming to the party?”
“That’s a yes then?”
“It’s a maybe but it’ll be a no if you don’t shut up!” he laughed loudly and kissed me on the cheek.
“I’ll see you there.” he said, waving and turning left out the large wooden doors. I turned right and made my way home.
It only took ten minutes maximum for me to get home. Mikey would be at home, my parents wouldn’t. My parents didn’t like Mikey and I going to parties. They said that the only thing both of us do is smoke, drink and take drugs. I smoked, drank and took drugs. But Mikey doesn’t. That’s no the point. Mikey still get’s told off for doing it when he doesn’t. I texted Mikey quickly.

You going to the party tonight?
Are mom and dad home?

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and got out my iPod but before I could start any songs my phone rang. I fumbled in my pocket until I found it. ‘Mikey’ showed on the screen.
“Hey, Mikes.”
“Hey, err… mom and dad aren’t home, they called to say they were going to be visiting Grandma for a couple of days.”
“Dad as well?”
“Well, fair enough. Are you going to the party?”
“I guess so. I have nothing else to do tonight, right?”
“Right.” I smiled although he couldn’t see me.
“Yeah, when’re you going to be home?”
“Soon. Hang on.” I changed my phone to the other hand and pulled my band strap back up. “I’m almost home, just turning the corner.”
“Okay, see you in a minute then.”
“Bye.” I shut the phone and placed it back in my pocket. Picking up the speed a little as I neared my house. I put the key in the lock and opened the door.
“Mikey, I’m home.” I called upstairs, kicking my shoes off and dumping my bag on the floor before heading towards the kitchen.
Mikey entered the room behind me and poked me in the ribs. I screamed and hit him playfully.
“What’re you wearing tonight?” he asked.
“God Mikey, I don’t know. I don’t plan my outfits… I’m not a girl!”
“You’re close enough to a girl…”
“Ha ha. Aren’t you funny?” I replied, sarcastically.
“Yes. Yes I am actually.” he laughed. I shook my head at him and went upstairs, picking my bag up on the way. I entered my room and threw the bag at the foot of my bed.
I opened my wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. Jeans, black shirt… the usual. I took off my school shirt, dropping it on the floor, it was going to need a wash anyway. I pulled out my over worn black shirt and put it on. I pulled down my trousers and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor as well. I sat on my bed, taking my black skinny jeans with me. I pushed one leg through them the other, pulling them up and doing the bottom up. I attached my studded belt and did it up before looking in a mirror.
As usual, my black hair stuck out in every direction. I tried smoothing it down with my hands. Not working.
“Mikey!” I shouted from my room. I heard him shout something back but didn’t hear it properly. He came running up the stairs and flung my door open wearing only a towel round his waist.
“Can you sort my hair out?” I asked sheepishly.
“Can I get dressed?”
“Okay, give me five minutes.” I waited impatiently for about three minutes before,
“Mikey! Hurry up!” I screamed. He opened my door loudly in just trousers.
“Can’t you wait just five minutes?”
“Obviously.” he said looking un-amused. “What do you want me to do to it?” he asked, moving me to sit on the floor leaning against the bed. He sat behind my on the bed.
“I don’t know… anything.”
“Helpful.” he laughed.
“Very.” I smiled up at him.
“You do realise, this is what girls do?”
“Yeah… I like it.” I giggled. Mikey sighed and started attacking my hair with a brush. Once it was possible to drag the brush through my hair without it ripping any strands out he stood up and looked at me.
“Is that it?”
“Yeah…” I grinned.
“You just wanted me to brush your hair?”
“You lazy fucker.” he laughed.
“Thanks. Go put a shirt on and we can leave.”
“Alright, Alright…”
I found my eyeliner kicking around on the floor, picking it up and walking to the mirror I quickly applied a thick line under my eye and dropped it carelessly on my desk.
“Gerard! Are you ready?” asked Mikey from outside my room.
“Yeah, one minute…” I replied, fluffing my hair slightly and walking out the room.
“You touched your hair.” he commented.
“No.” I laughed.
“Sure… let’s go?”
“Yup.” I smiled, walking down stairs behind Mikey and picking up my keys on the way.
We got in my car and I started the engine.
“Seat belt Mikes.” I said. He sighed loudly but did the seat belt up anyway.
It took about fifteen minutes to drive to the hosts’ house. The host being Kat. Probably one of the most popular, beautiful, friendly girls in the school. She was stunning. Even from a gay persons point of view. Mikey says she’s “fit” so do most of the guys. Unlucky for the guys, Kat was taken by another guy called Zacky Vengeance. He, in my opinion, was incredibly good looking.
I parked the car on the side of the road and we both got out. Mikey soon found some of his friends, including Ray and Bob. I walked by myself to the front door, I knocked loudly. The door swung open, music blasting out. Kat had answered the door. As always, she looked beautiful. She had pale skin but it suited her. Her hair was sticking up, much like mine was earlier, but unlike mine, hers looked nice. It was long dark purple with blond coon tails, but on top with really short layers so it could be “volumised”. Her clothes. Bright, they always were. She was wearing short shorts over her short, skinny legs and a vest top the hugged her tiny waist.
“Hey, Gee.” she smiled, hugging me and only coming up to my chest. “Bert’s been waiting for you!”
“Horray?” I said sarcastically.
“Be nice.” she laughed. I smiled and let her lead me to the back of the house. “Bert!” she shouted. He turned round and grinned, waving at me. I had the urge to just run out the room and out the house but I think Kat sensed it and held tightly onto my wrist.
“Gerard!” he shouted, hugging me and kissing my cheek. He took my hand and led me upstairs instantly. We entered one of the bedrooms and Bert backed me onto the bed.
“Shut up. Just give me this night? To do what I want?” In all seriousness, I did still like Bert. Just not enough to have sex. Kissing? Sure. What’s the harm in that? I kissed his cheek lightly, he didn’t need any more encouragement before pressing his lips hard on mine, he pulled his head back and smiled then put his hand on the back of my head pulling me into the kiss. His other hand found mine and he picked it up putting it over his shoulder. He took my other hand and put it over his other shoulder. His tongue brushed against my lips, his mouth had been open though out the whole kiss but now I guess he wanted more. I opened my mouth slightly. His tongue grazed my lips again, and he found the gap. His tongue slipped through my lips and explored every little part of my mouth. I tried to keep my tongue out the way of his but he managed to find it and almost pin it down. Bert took a step back and looked at me. He smiled then pressed another kiss onto my lips. We lay back on the bed next to each other. That was enough for now. I wrapped my arms around Bert’s waist and closed my eyes.
Tomorrow, my detention.
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