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Chapter Three: Tongue-tied And Oh So Squeamish.

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Time for that detention. This is the last chapter i have pre-written, i've started the next chapter but it won't be finished for a couple of days or something.

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Chapter Three: Tongue-tied And Oh So Squeamish.

I rolled over onto a slept in-cold side of the bed. I groaned and pulled the pillow down over my head.
“Bert…” I mumbled, remember I had fallen asleep with him last night. Where the hell had he gone anyway.
There was a sharp knock on the door and Kat walked in.
“Gerard, it’s like, nine-thirty.”
“Your detention…”
“Detention?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.
“Y’know… your Saturday?”
“How’d you know about my Saturday?” I asked, sitting up.
“I know everything.” she grinned and winked. “You need a ride?”
“Pardon?!” I asked, hearing the question as something else.
“A ride, in the car Gerard…”
“Oh.” I mumbled, blushing. “Yeah, sure.”
“Hurry up then…”
“I’m ready.” I smiled, standing up and running a hand through my hair.
“Yeah… you look great!” she laughed, giving me a thumbs up.
“I always do.” I replied, following her to the bedroom door and down the stairs.
The house was still full of people, sleeping. On the floor, on the sofas, on chairs, on tables, even one guy with his legs against the wall. There were bottles and cans everywhere.
“Err… Kat, how long is it going to take you to clean this up?”
“Not long.”
“Not long?!”
“Yeah, I’m going out all day.”
“So, who’s cleaning it?”
“These guys.”
“You trust these guys, the guys sleeping in your fireplace, to clean your house?”
“Fair enough.”
We got in Kat’s, surprisingly nice car and she started the engine. We drove in silence until we got to some traffic lights and she broke the silence by saying…
“So, who’s taking you detention?”
“I don’t know. Mr. Leone was meant to be but he said he couldn’t and someone else was going to.”
“Oh… it might be Frank.”
“You’ve never met him?”
“Oh. Well I guess he wasn’t at the party so you wouldn’t have met him…”
“How do you know him? And how do you know he’ll be taking the detention?”
“We’re old friends. And he’s mentioned taking detentions a couple of times.”
“What’s he look like?”
“Gerard, enough questions… seriously. You’ll find out.” she smirked, pulling up outside the school. “Do you want me to come in with you babes?”
“Yeah, it seemed appropriate.”
“If you say so… and no. I don’t need you to come with me.”
“Fine! Get out.” I laughed and opened the door.
“Bye Kat.”
“Bye babes.” she grinned at me before driving away.
I pushed the school doors open and walked slowly down the familiar corridors, dragging my feet. I turned to the room where I was to have my detention and surprisingly no one was in there. I considered turning round and leave before anyone noticed I’d been here. I turned round only to bump into a short teenager, probably my age, maybe younger. I’d never seen him so it didn’t really make any sense as to why he was at detention. Frank? No. why would there be a guy my age or younger leading a detention?
Never the less, this guy was gorgeous. I try not to think about people like they’re pieces of meat that I can stare at, but in this case, I couldn’t help myself. He had his nose and lip pierced, something I would never dare to do, his hair was black and his fringe swept across his fore head. I noticed his eyes. His eyes were deep. Hazel, but more interesting than normal eyes.
“Are you Gerard?” he asked. I opened my mouth to reply but left it hanging open. “Good, sit down.” he ordered me, although I’m glad he did, because if he hadn’t I think I would have started drooling. The man walked past me and sat at the desk, I followed him with my eyes, but not my feet.
“Gerard, sit.” he ordered me again. I walked slowly to one of the desks and sat down. Staring at him.
“I’m Frank, by the way.” I opened my mouth about to say something like “hi” but nothing came out again. I nodded.
“So, you don’t talk much do you?” he asked, looking at me. I wanted to say something, but I was almost too scared to say anything that might embarrass me. But the truth was, not saying anything and making my self look like and idiot was a lot more embarrassing then anything I could possibly say. It’s weird. I’ve never had this problem before. Normally I’m the one to introduce myself to new people. I guess I was just tongue-tied.
“I do talk…”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, panicking slightly that I had just made a fool out of myself by only saying three words.
“I mean that’s the first thing you’ve said.”
“So, I don’t know… just trying to make conversation.”
“Oh.” he copied. “What do you do in detention?”
“You’re taking the detention, but you don’t know what I’m meant to be doing?”
“Yes. That’s true.” he smiled.
“Right.” I said, looking down at my hands.
“Right.” he repeated.
“Right…” I said again, slowly.
“Right.” he copied again. I looked up at him and rolled my eyes, which he copied. This could be one long detention.
“So, Gerard.” he said.
“… what?”
“You got a boyfriend?”
“Don’t you mean girlfriend?”
“No, you’re gay.”
“What?” Yes, he was right, but how did he know?
“You’re gay. It’s obvious. You also think I’m pretty damn hot.”
“Yeah. You haven’t been able to take your eyes off me!”
“Don’t you think that’s a little arrogant?”
“Yes. But it’s true.”
“No it’s not.”
“Yeah it is. You do think I’m hot. And I think your hot, if I’m completely honest. Which I try to be.” he said, smiling. “I bet I know what you‘re thinking.”
“Yeah. You’re normally the guy that does the chatting up, not the one that gets chatted up and right now your thinking, hoping that I will shut up soon because, although you think I’m hot, you think that I’m stuck up my own arse.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” I replied, looking him in the eye before looking down at the table.
“I think if you washed your hair more often it would look a lot nicer.”
“And if you cut it so you have a fringe.”
“If you say so.” I answered, dropping my head on the table. Who cares if he’s hot? He’s bloody annoying.
“Yeah, and if you got your lip pierced”
“Not going to happen.”
“Why not? You’d look hot!” I didn’t reply. “Isn’t it weird how you’re the only one with a Saturday?”
“Frank.” I said sternly looking up. “This is a detention and your not meant to talk to me.”
“Fine. We’ll just sit in silence shall we?”
“Sounds good.”
“You’re boring.” I smirked and put my head back on the table. It wasn’t long before Frank had found another way to annoy me. He was now humming a tuneless song. I sighed loudly, hoping Frank would get the message and stop. He didn’t.
“Frank! How old are you?”
“17. Why? How old are you?”
“18. Seriously, act your age.”
“I am…” I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. It wasn’t raining anymore, but it wasn’t sunny either. Frank got up from his chair and moved around the room. He ended up sitting next to me, his knee touching mine. I turned my head not to look at him. I felt Frank’s hand rest on my leg.
“Frank.” I said, turning sharply, making him remove his hand. “Why are you taking the detention anyway?”
“My dad’s the principal.”
“What?! You’re ‘Mr. Iero’s’ son?”
“That guy hates me.”
“Strange… he’s nice to me…”
“Frank? Was that a serious comment?” I grinned.
“No.” he said, his eyes shifting left and right.”
“Of course.” I laughed.
“You laughed!”
“I tend to do that a lot…”
“Yeah, but I’ve never heard you.”
“That’s probably because I’ve only know you thirty minutes.”
“Probably.” he smiled.
“You have a nice smile.” I mumbled.
“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”
“You have a nice smile.” I said a little louder.
“Awwh, thank you!” he grinned.
“If your Dad is the principal, why don’t you go to this school?”
“I don’t go to school.”
“You don’t go to school?”
“What? Why not?”
“I’m home schooled.”
“Oh… so does that mean you don’t get a holiday, or do you?”
“Yeah I do. I’m on my summer holiday now.”
“Ha, your first day of summer holiday and you’re stuck in here with me.” I smirked.
“I don’t think there’s any where else I’d rather be.”
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