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Chapter Four: I'm Sleeping So Little, But I'm Living A Good Life. [Part One]

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Gerard and Frank seem to be getting along well ;]

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Chapter Four: I’m Sleeping So Little, But I’m Living A Good Life. [Part One]
A/N: This is only part one of Chapter Four. (Y)

“There’s no where else you’d rather be?” I asked sceptically.
“Not really…”
“Do you not have any friends?!”
“I have friends, just not very good friends… y’know?”
“Yeah. But you know Kat, right?”
“Kat? I know the name…”
“She knows you anyway. She pretty much knows everyone!”
“Oh! Is this Kat who’s going out with Zacky?”
“I know her! She tells me you have a boyfriend?”
“I have a boyfriend?!”
“Apparently. Bert, right?”
“Bert?! You’re kidding me, seriously. Bert’s a whore.”
“Mmm…” Frank mumbled in what I think was agreement.
“So, do you know Bert?”
“That’s a bad ‘Mmhmm‘, right?”
“Well, Bert and bad really go hand in hand.”
“Anyway,” Frank said, trying to change the subject. “What time does detention finish?”
“Half eleven.” Frank took his phone out his pocket and looked at it quickly before sliding it back in.
“Five minutes left.”
“Five minutes? Whoa. That’s gone fast…”
“Too fast.”
“Where’re you going after this?” I asked Frank, resting my chin on my hand and looking at him. My eyes flicking around his face. He really was stunning. His chin was rather square and from his nose hung a small silver ring accompanied by another ring on the left side of his lip. His eyes. Green, brown, orange. Three colours mixed into one. Green round the outside then brown which blended into a rather bright orange.
“Gerard?” Frank said, waving his hand in front of my face.
“Uh, sorry. Where did you say you were going?”
“I said I was going into town…”
“Cool, where in town?”
“The bandstand.”
“The bandstand? Isn’t that a bit… boring?”
“No, loads of people go there! That’s were all my friends are. Kat’ll be there most likely.”
“Would I be allowed to go?” I asked sheepishly.
“That’s what I was hinting…” he smiled, I smiled back and followed Frank out the classroom and down the halls.
I was pretty much silent as we walked to the park. I stayed slightly behind Frank, mostly to enjoy the view. I laughed to myself and took a couple of quick steps to catch up with him.
“I like what you’re wearing.” he said, taking me off guard.
“Err, thanks.” I replied, looking down at myself and tugged at my shirt slightly. “You look nice.” I said, feeling my face burning.
“Well, I do try.” he grinned, tossing his head slightly and making his hair flick up.
“I like your hair when it flicks up like that.” I laughed, not really meaning to say that out loud.
“I like your hair, full stop.” he replied and quickly entwined his fingers in my hair before letting his hand drop to his side again. As his hand dropped I felt it stroke mine a little. I looked at Frank and he looked at our hands and then linked his fingers in mine and smiled up at me. I blushed and looked away.
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