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Chapter Four: I’m Sleeping So Little, But I’m Living A Good Life. [Part Two]

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Yeah. The park. XD

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Chapter Four: I’m Sleeping So Little, But I’m Living A Good Life. [Part Two]

“So, you are gay?” Frank asked after a few minutes of silence.
“What?” I rolled my eyes. Not this again.
“You SO want me.” he smiled, smugly.
“I SO don’t. Bert was arrogant, but you, you take the piss.”
“I know.” he smiled. “And you love it.”
“I really don’t.” I grimaced, removing my hand from his tight grip.
“You do. You like me, at least.”
“I like you? As a friend? Sure.”
“More then a friend, you know it’s true!”
“But it’s not.”
“Is!” he shouted before running and jumping down five steps that lead to the park and band stand. I watched Frank run towards his friends that were dotted around on the grass. I couldn’t help but feel a little awkward with not knowing anyone. I sat on a bench that was placed a little away from everyone on the grass. Someone in the band stand stood up and pointed in my direction, they were too far for me to tell who they were.
“Gerard!” someone screamed from across the park. It was Kat who was in the bandstand. I smiled but stayed sitting as she ran towards me.
“Gerard! Hi! How’re you!?” she asked, hugging me and kissing my cheek before sitting next to me.
“Kat! Hi! I’m good, thanks! You do realise we saw each other this morning and you’ve gone slightly mad as if it’s been years.” I laughed.
“It feels like it’s been years!”
“It’s been about two hours…”
“Haha. So it has!” she grinned, looking at her phone. “I see you walked here with Frank?”
“Nice, isn’t he?”
“Arrogant is more like it.”
“But he’s good looking, so he gets away with it?”
“Not quite.”
“Oh. But you do like him right?”
“I guess, kinda.” I smiled at her.
“Good. Cos I know he likes you.”
“How’d you know that? And don’t tell Frank I like him! It’ll only expand his already massive head!”
“I won’t. I know ‘cause he told me.”
“When I was at the band stand.”
“Ohhh… what did he say exactly?” she winked at me and grinned before saying…
“He said, he thinks you’re very good looking and that you’re really nice, almost too nice. He thinks if you loosened up a little he would definitely fall in love with you.”
“… what if I don’t want him to be in love with me?!” I asked, shocked.
“Then don’t loosen up… but y’know, he’s a nice guy.”
“I know, but, but…”
“But, I don’t know. I guess, he’s just a bit too-” I got cut off by Frank jogging over to the bench and squeezing himself in between Kat and I.
“What were you two girls talking about?”
“Nothing.” I said too quickly.
“Interesting conversation then?”
“It was.” Kat grinned at Frank and smiled at me. “Anyway, my loves, I must leaving you because I fear Zacky will die without me.” she laughed.
“Okay, see you later.” I smiled up at her, squinting due to the sun.
“S’later.” said Frank. Kat waved before skipping to the bandstand.
Frank and I sat in silence for what felt like at least ten minutes. I looked at my phone. We did sit in silence for ten minutes.
“So…” I said, anything to break the silence, right?
“So…?” he questioned.
“How’re you?”
“I’m pretty good, now that I’m talking to you.” I blushed and looked down at my feet. I became aware of how close Frank was still sitting.
“Now that you’re talking to m, ey?”
“Yeah, you’re a good listener, right?”
“I like to think so.” I smiled at him.
“Fancy taking a walk?”
We stood and Frank linked his arm in mine and lead me along the path then in between a couple of hedges. We walked around the large pond, passing the trees I noted the couples making out and just being with each other. I had to admit, I did feel slightly jealous.
“Hey!” said Frank, enthusiastically, making me jump. “Wanna make like couples and make out?”
“Ha, you wish buddy!” I winked then gave him a kiss on the cheek and started a quick walk back to the bandstand.
“Hey, Gerard! Wait up!” I slowed down and let him catch up. He grabbed my arm and pulled me round to face him. He pushed my hair from my face and stroked his hand down my cheek then leant in really closed.
“You wish, ey? …didn’t think so.” he winked, seductively and grinned before walking away.
I was left wondering. Smiling to myself, happy.
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