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Chapter Five: We All Look The Same In The Dark.

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Yeah.. still at the park? Ooft. Frank and Gerard and Bert. Get some.

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Chapter Five: We All Look The Same In The Dark.

I started following Frank back to the band stand until Bert walked slowly out from behind a tree.
“So. I saw you kiss Frank.”
“I didn’t kiss him, he kissed me. And, why do you care?”
“I don’t. Just saying.”
“You wouldn’t say if you didn’t care.” I smirked.
“Okay, I do care. I care about you being with the right person. And we all know that person is me!”
“Oh, of course we all know that.” I laughed, starting to walk away. Bert told hold of the back of my shirt and pulled me back. “Bert, get off.”
“Not until you kiss me.”
“What?! I’m not going to kiss you!”
“Why not?”
“Because I don’t like you.”
“Yo-u- you don’t li-like me?” he whimpered.
“No. Not when you’re being a jerk.”
“I’m sorry, Gerard!” he cried, tears actually staining his cheeks. I rolled my eyes.
“There, there.” I said, patting his back. He sniffed but I could tell this was all an act.
“I just, really, really, like you.”
“Of course.” I comforted, stroking his back.
“Can I have a kiss?” he asked, looking up at me, his eyes suddenly dry. I looked at him but before I could reply, he forced his lips on mine. I stayed in the same position for a moment, keeping my lips firmly closed. Bert pulled back.
“Let me in!” he begged. I shook my head and was planning to leave when he forced his lips over mine again, pinching me in the sides with made me gasp, resulting in my mouth being open. Bert tongue was horrible. Slimy and it tasted horrible. Like smoke. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but it was Bert. I was going to need therapy after this.
What if this was Frank? I wouldn’t mind. I don’t think. I picture Frank in front of me and closed my eyes, moving my tongue around his mouth and running my hand through his hair. It was only when Bert’s hand collided with my crotch that I pulled back, sudden realisation hitting me.
“Bert!” I shrieked.
“What? You were enjoying it…”
“That’s because I was imagining you were Fr-” I stopped. “Never mind.”
“You were going to say Frank, weren’t you?”
“Frank!” Bert shouted, running back towards the bandstand.
“Bert! No! Please! I shouted after him.
“Frank!” Bert carried on shouting until he was in front of the band stand, and Frank. “Frank. I have something to tell you.” I slapped my hand over Bert’s mouth and tried to drag him away.
“Mramk. meramd. Lomes. Mou” Bert’s muffed voice said. He ripped my hand off his mouth and shouted. “Frank! Gerard loves you!” I slapped my hand back over his mouth but it was too late.
I could feel my face burning and all eyes on me. I didn’t dare look at Frank, just at Bert.
“I hate you.” I spat, turning around to walk away.
“Sorry.” I heard Bert whisper. I didn’t care. He wasn’t sorry. If he was, he wouldn’t have said it in the first place.
I walked back to where Frank and I had been and sat under one of the trees. I sat behind the tree so my back was to the bandstand.
“Gerard!” someone shouted loudly. I bought my knees up under my chin and buried my head. “Gerard…” the person said softy, close to me. I looked up to see Frank’s head poking around from behind the tree, I gave him a fake smile and looked at my feet.
“Gerard, I don’t care what Bert said. I mean if it’s true, good. If it’s not, not so good I guess.”
“You think it’s good that I like you?”
“So you do like me?”
“Maybe yes?”
“Maybe yes, maybe no.” I smiled. He sat down next to me and flung his arm over my shoulder.
“That’s so a yes!”
“No! It might not be a yes!”
Frank connected his lips with mine and put his hand on the back of my head, pulling me forward. This time I didn’t have to imagine it was him. It was him. Here. His tongue ran up and down my bottom lip until I opened my mouth slightly. His tongue continued ‘caressing’ my lip before he bite it slightly. Different. He pulled back and looked me in the eye.
“But it is. Isn’t it? It‘s a yes?” I blushed.
“Yes…” he laughed.
“You must be crazy!”
“Only for you.” I grinned at him.
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