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This Riddle Of Revenge. |Frerard|

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High has just broken up for summer holidays, Gerard has a Saturday dention, he meets someone in the detention and then they keep meeting each other after that. ;] It's going to be one hot summer.

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This Riddle Of Revenge.

Chapter One: But The Past Ain’t Through With You.

I propped my chin on the hell of my hand and sighed. It was still raining. Obviously no one had told the weather that we were meant to be breaking up for summer holidays. Well, most of the kids had already gone home but I was still stuck at school. In detention. I listened to the continuous noises, the noise of the clock ticking, the noise of the rain tapping against the window and the occasional noise of some one clearing their throat.
I sighed again, loudly this time. The teacher, Mr. Leone looked up and shook his head at me, I rolled my eyes and dropped my head on the table making a huge bang and causing some people to laugh.
How long had I been in here anyway? I lifted my head a little and looked at the clock, ten minutes?! You have to be kidding me. I’d only been in here ten minutes?! C’mon! That clock had to be wrong, there was no way I’d only been in here for ten minutes. I looked at the clock on my phone. The teacher coughed as I looked under the desk to see my phone. I looked at him and smiled sarcastically.
“Mr. Way? Do you want to bring that to the front please?” he asked in his mono tone voice that I can’t stand.
“Could you talk with more enthusiasm.” I muttered.
“Pardon?” he asked. “Phone please.” I made an effort to make as much noise as possible getting up. I deliberately sighed loudly, I deliberately scrapped the chair along the floor when I stood up, I also kicked the table leg. I slouched while walking and dragged my feet, probably wearing down the souls as I did. Oh well, I’ll live. Worst that’ll happen is I’ll have to buy new shoes. I laughed to myself as I carried on towards the teachers desk.
I placed the phone on his table and waited to see if he would say anything.
“That’s a Saturday detention, Mr. Way.”
“What? That’s totally unfair!” I shrieked.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“But it’s summer holidays, Sir.” I stayed standing at his desk waiting for him to reply. He scribbled some thing down on a piece of paper and pushed it across the desk in front of me. sit down. I read from the paper.
“Fuckin’ hate school.” I mumbled while walking back to my seat, I sat down and slid down in the chair, folding my arms over my chest. I dropped my head back, looking up at the ceiling. I closed my eyes and listened to the rain outside. My first day of summer holidays was already ruined because I had to look at my phone in detention.
The door swung open, making me jump. I looked to see who it was. Bert McCracken, my ex lover. I rolled my eyes. Bert always acted like he owns the place. I couldn’t stand it, it was sickening. Bert was the kind of guy who things everyone loves him, and because he thinks that, everyone often does love him. He’s confident, popular and gorgeous.
The funny thing is; everyone things he’s straight.
That was another thing I couldn’t stand about him when we were dating. He never told anyone we were dating. It was as if he was ashamed of me. Sure, I’m not popular, but I’m not a nerd. I’m definitely not a nerd. If I was, would I be in detention now? I guess not.
“Why are you late McCracken?”
“Bert. Sir, it’s Bert.” he said with attitude.
“Just sit down.” Bert stuck his middle finger up at the teacher when he wasn’t looking. I rolled my eyes and shook my head at Bert. He noticed and blew a kiss at me. I just rolled my eyes again as he came to sit next to me. Why sit next to me?! I asked myself. Bert sat and held his head up on his hand, staring at me. I moved in my chair, feeling uncomfortable. Glancing at Bert a few times I noticed he was still looking at me.
“What?” I mouth at him. He didn’t say anything. Instead he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I like spaghetti,
Let’s go fuck?

I grimaced at the paper and screwed it up in my hand, throwing it to the floor. Bert gave me puppy dog eyes and pouted slightly. I ignored him. In my opinion, that’s really immature. Bert reached over and poked me in the side, I squirmed and let out a small high pitched shriek. Bert stifled a laugh and wrote something else on a piece of paper. He threw it to me, it landed half way between our tables. He looked at me and pointed at the paper, indicating that I should pick it up. No way. I was already in trouble for using my phone, I wasn’t going to get in trouble for passing notes as well. Bert sighed and picked up the paper himself.
“McCracken? Are you passing notes?”
“No Sir.”
“You better not be.” I was amazed, shocked, angry. How did Bert not get in trouble for that? He pretty much just got a warning! I look at my phone for two seconds and I get a Saturday detention. How is that at all fair?
Bert carried on trying to pass me the note. I finally gave in and took it from him. I read:

You haven’t answered my question.
You and I both know you love me.
And you definitely know you wanna fuck me.
You coming to the party tonight?

I really can’t believe Bert. He’s so big headed. There is no way I will ever fuck him. I wrote quickly on the piece of paper.

No, I don’t love you.
No, I won’t fuck you.
Yes, I might go to the party.

I handed the paper back to him and watched his face as he read it. He sniggered and started writing something else. I could care much for what he was going to reply. I looked at the clock again. I had now been in here for almost thirty five minutes. That left on twenty five minutes of detention then I was free. Well, free until tomorrow.
“Psst…” whispered Bert, holding the paper towards me. I ripped it out his hand and read it.

You do love me.
And you love the way we fuck. ;)
You wanna fuck at the party?

This guys has serious sex issues. Mr. Leone coughed from the front of the class room, we both looked up.
“Sir?” shouted Bert. “What’s the time?”
“Time you got a watch.”
“Thanks.” Bert looked at me and tapped his wrist indicating he wanted me to tell him the time. I tried ignoring him until he shoved a piece of paper towards me.
What’s the time, bbe?

Bbe? Bbe?! That takes the piss. I mean, sure I know it means, baby. But why spell it like that? What’s the point? I pushed the piece of paper off the table and onto the floor. I smiled sarcastically at Bert and turned my back to him. Only ten minutes left. If I could ignore Bert for the last ten minutes I would be able to get out of here without getting in more trouble.
“Gerard…” whispered Bert. I kept my back to him. “Gerard!” he said a little louder. “Ger-”
“What?!” I whisper-shouted.
“I love you. Wanna have sex later?”
“Fuck off.” I said.
“I’ll fuck you off.” he said, raising his eyebrows up and down. I rolled my eyes at him and subtly put my middle finger up. Mr. Leone coughed again to draw everyone’s attention to him.
“All of you. It’s time to leave. I hope you all have a good summer holidays. Mr. Way, stay after and see me please.”
I watched as everyone else left the building, some of the guys I knew said ‘good bye‘, or ‘I’ll see you at the party tonight.’ I waved to some of them. Bert grabbed my arm and spun me round.
“I’ll wait outside for you.” he said before forcing his mouth over mine. He mouth tasted like stale cigarettes. I tried pulling back but he put his hand on the back of my head, forcing me to kiss him back.
“Ahem…” interrupted Mr. Leone. Bert let go of me and kissed me on the cheek before leaving.
“Bye, baby.” he called to me as he left the room. I turned to look at the teacher.
“Sir, I swear he’s not my boyfriend!”
“Gerard, there’s no shame in being gay.”
“I’m not! Well, I mean I am gay. But Bert’s not my boyfriend.”
“It looks like he is.” he said, picking my phone up from off the desk and holding it out to me.
“He really isn’t. I swear.” I told the phone and turned to leave the room.
“Oh, Gerard?” I stopped to see what he had to say. “Your detention tomorrow, I won’t be taking it. A young man will be, his name escapes me.”
“Okay…” I mumbled and continued to leave the room.
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