Review for This Riddle Of Revenge. |Frerard|

This Riddle Of Revenge. |Frerard|

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-06-30

Well, isn't Frank just the most upfront, arrogant, irritating guy to ever come across?

But, nevertheless, he's Frank so it's easy to forgive him and impossible to dislike him. ;)

Yet again, the banter between Gerard and Frank made me laugh and made it enjoyable as hell. So I'm still positively in love with this story. And the way you write is just awesome.

Even though I love Frerards as much as you could possibly imagine, I still hope Bert will make an appearance. ;)

It would be amazing if there was a kind of love triangle. Y'know, if Gerard couldn't resist Bert aswell as having Frank. What would that be? A Frertard? Ha, you could invent that! xD

Anyways, I'll sh'up now. It was just great and I can't wait for the next. :)

-Emily xox.

Author's response


Don't worry!
Bert will definately be making a few more apperences ;]