Review for not a story but this makes me mad

not a story but this makes me mad

(#) dirtylittleliar 2008-07-04

I completely agree with you that the newspaper printing that article was in bad taste, and shouldn't have even gotten past the editor. It's pathetic what some people do nowadays. However, that's life, and MCR will either sue the newspaper or laugh and call them retards. Then again, it could be true. You never know. By the way, what newspaper was that?
Just one question: This should not be taken in any offense, but, have you ever tried using spellcheck before? I don't post stuff directly just for that reason. Normally, I use Word to check my spelling, then copy and paste. I reccomend it, gets out all the silly mistakes. If not, try to reread every stupid word before you post. It helps greatly.

Author's response

yeah i use it but i was tired and i didnt think about it but thanks seriously i will use it from now on