Review for not a story but this makes me mad

not a story but this makes me mad

(#) Sassy 2008-07-05

I don't know what it's like in other countries, but I'm in England and to the best of my knowledge, parents pay no more attention to that sort of nonsense journalism than their kids do. Yes react to it, but laugh at it. Newspapers don't get sold on good news, that's just the way of it. These days people want sensationalism and nothing else - it doesn't mean they believe or even remember any of it. And therein lies the irony, people want to read that sort of stuff, but they don't actually believe it.

MCR saves lives? I don't know how literally people mean that. But I think the reality is they are one of the few bands that discuss issues of depression etc openly. And when people are depressed, seeing someone they admire having gone through the same or similar issues and come out the other side, is inspiring. They think, well, if he can, I can too! MCR inspires people to deal with their issues? Certainly! And maybe, that's what many mean when they say 'saved my life'? Only the individual knows what they really mean.

Author's response

Thats what i mean i was going though alot and just to know that someone came out of it saved me. I wish other people understood that. Like all the people who hate MCR and people who say MCR saved them inspired them whatever. At least they have a band to look up to.