Review for not a story but this makes me mad

not a story but this makes me mad

(#) MyFamousLastWords 2008-07-06

Fuck Yeah!
I Agree With You.
Think ABout It Isn't It Stupied How Some People Think that Music Is Making People Kill Themselves I Bet Back In Their Day(Who Ever Wrote The Article Etc.) If They Were Doing That They Wouldn't Be Blaming Bands Like Queen,The Beatles Etc,Ya Know What I'm Saying.'xxnewxx' I'm Another Fan And MCR Did Save My Life,Well Its Not Like I Was About To Burn And Crash In A Plane And MCR Came In Capes And Saved Me Or Anything,But Fans Say That Because They Did,Maybe They Didn't Save Or Have An Affect On Your Life But On Some MCR Did,In Different Ways To Each Individual.Another Thing, I Don't Get Why The Newspapers Etc Are Calling My Chemical Romance An 'Emo' Band Isn't Every Band.Every Arist A Lil Emo 'Emoitial' I'm Not Going Around Saying "Oh Please Leave Emos Alone What Did They Do To You Blah Blah' I Hate Emos(No Offence To No-One)Well The Ones That Go Around Lablling Themselves 'Ohh Im Emo Respect Me'.I Live In Ireland So The Thing About MCR And That Didn't Get Printed On The Newspapers And What Not,Good Thing It Didn't.It Also Depends On The Persons Mental Health.MUSIC DOES NOT CAUSE SUICIDE.