Review for Family surprises

Family surprises

(#) koppe 2008-07-08

Very good story, hope you'll continue this plot.
Maybe she'd become another wife? I also hope Dudley (or the Durselys) would pop-up again; either a random meeting, Harry confronting him, or perhpas Dudley filing for custody -- out of spite, to hurt his ex, to get Harry or to "save" his daughter from the Wizarding-world.
I would also love prequels set in this universe, both about this woman's earlier life (how did she see The Leakey Cauldron, but not know about Hogwarts? Is she a squib? Does she have magical-family that left her in the muggle-world?), how did she meed Dudley, how was their married life?
And what happened in the Wizarding-world? What was the events causing women to accept -- and maybe even champion -- polygamy? How has Harry and Fred&George's familiy-life with multipple wifes been? What about the others (Ron, Draco, Bill, Charlie, Percy,... Fleur, Gabrielle, Hanna, Lavender, Patils, Susan, Pansy,...)? Who is Harry's wifes and how are their family-life?
Keep up the good work, and please continue!