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Family surprises

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Hermione cleans up some Potter family business.

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Just a one shot that hit my mind during a reflective moment.

As always JKR owns this universe and allows us lowly beings to play in it provided we don’t make any money.

Katie Weasley stopped by her husbands’ shop finished with her day with the accidental magic reversal squad to find both of them busy making new batches of their joke products. “Busy day?” She asked.

“Hi Katie,” Fred called out as he decanted one cauldron’s worth of potion into individual molds.

Hi Fred where’s George?”

“Down in the subbasement working on another sweet. How was your day?”

“Not bad, I’m glad I carry your selection of antidotes though,” Katie replied.

“What happened now,”

“One of the muggle born customers got cold feet and left his Skiving Snackbox home.”

“Oh no what happened?” Fred asked trying to be sympathetic.

“His little brother found them and knew they were joke products. He thought it would be funny to put them in the backpack he wore to school hoping to find out who was helping themselves to what he left in it. Turns out it was a gang of eight year olds took several of us a few hours to get it all sorted out.”

“So what about our customer?”

“Oh his parents are going to have a little chat with him when he returns home. We found a few other things and they put them away in a safe place until he returns.” Katie said with a smile.

“Hope it doesn’t put the youngster off pranking. You’ve got an odd look about you. There is something else bothering you.” Fred said firmly.

“Oh nothing special just the case after that made me feel bad.”

Fred had reached a point where he was free for a few minutes and stepped over putting an arm around his wife. “Do you want to tell me or should I get Angelina, Alicia or both?” he asked mentioning her co-wives.

Katie hesitated for a moment before saying, “No need it was just an sad case.”

“Tell me about it.” Fred said holding Katie.

“I was sent out to deal with a case of accidental magic. A little muggle born girl had petrified a dog that was chasing her. I un-petrified the dog then sat down with the girl and her mother and explained things to them.”

“What about the father.”

“That’s what’s so sad. Turns out mum met this young man at a seaside resort and according to her they hit it off really good. She ends up pregnant and tells him. A bit of a rushed marriage later they’re settling in as a couple and things are going well until she stumbles on a little pub while shopping in London. She mentioned this to her new husband and he called her a bunch of vulgar names and divorces her even before the baby is born. The father wants no contact with her or his daughter. She ended up having to take him to court to get child support. Luckily he’s an up and coming boxer so she’s not as bad off as she could be,” Katie said before relaxing against Fred.

“Sounds like she needs to meet up with the three of you. But I suspect you might need to keep your marriage details secret.” Fred said hoping it was the right thing.

“Yes I’m sure Becky could use some female support.”

“I take it that’s her name?”

“Rebecca Carrington,” Katie replied.

A now teasing Fred asked, “So should we plan on locating Mr. Carrington and dealing with him?”

“I was thinking about that but it’s not Carrington. It’s Dursley, Dudley Dursley. Seeing he totally rejected his daughter, Becky didn’t want her to be associated with him in any way.” Katie replied noticing Fred suddenly still as she spoke.

A few moments later Fred approached the stairs and yelled down, “Hey Forge what was Harry’s cousin’s name?”

“Dusty or something like that?” came the reply.

“How about Dursley?” Fred yelled.

“That’s it. Dud Dursley wasn’t it?”

A suddenly pale Katie looked at Fred asking, “Dudley Dursley is Harry’s cousin?” Fred’s answering nod caused her to go so pale that Fred was worried she was going to collapse. Still she managed to ask, “Could it be the same person?”

“How many Dudley Dursleys can there be? I’d best be informing Hermione. Better she deals with Harry than us.” Fred replied heading for the one fireplace with a floo connection.

Rebecca Carrington was sitting in her small apartment watching the telly when a knock at the door drew her attention. Checking the spyhole she saw the woman who’d helped her with Rose’s little problem and another well dressed woman. Hoping it didn’t mean trouble she opened the door asking, “Can I help you?”

“Ms Carrington I have someone that would like to meet with you for a moment.”

Glancing at the other woman noting she was dressed top notch now she could see her better Becky sighed and opened the door fully allowing both women access.

Once they were inside and the door was shut the other woman asked, “Does the name Potter ring any bells in your memory?”

Becky looked thoughtful for a few moments before replying, “Not that I recall I might have had customers by that name when I worked at the resort but nothing stands out. Miss?”

“Oh I’m sorry Rebecca Carrington this is Lady Hermione Potter.” Katie said drawing a look from Hermione.

“I’m sorry Lady Potter I didn’t know.”

“Rebecca it’s Hermione. That Lady stuff is a pain.”

“Yes… Hermione.” Rebecca replied hesitantly.

Hermione nodded her agreement asking, “Do you happen to have a picture of your former husband?”

“Oh I think I have a few buried somewhere that I didn’t destroy right off.”

“Could you find one of them please? I’d like to see it.”


“I need to see if it is the same Dudley Dursley I remember.”

“Okay.” She said heading off to her room glad her daughter was at school.

“That’s him,” Hermione announce firmly her posture stiffening. Looking up she continued, “Miss Carrington, I am a wife of Lord Harry James Potter, this individual is his cousin Dudley Dursley.”

“I can’t believe he said nothing about having a lord for a cousin. I would have thought they’d be over the moon about that.”

“Normally they would however both my husband and I have talents like your daughter. I believe the nicest thing he was called by the Dursleys is freak.”

“That’s what Dudley called me after I found that quaint pub. He left that day and then the divorce papers came. I would have never mentioned that pub if I knew what he was going to do.”

“You are luckier than you realize Becky, may I call you that?” Hermione asked.

“I would prefer it actually. But why am I lucky?”

Hermione took a deep breath then after a glance at Katie said, “It is my belief that should you have kept quiet and been married and living with Dudley when the incident with the dog occurred it could have been very dangerous for your daughter to be around Dudley.”

“You don’t mean?” Becky asked looking wide eyed at Hermione.

“Dudley has a history of violence when confronted with people having our abilities,” Katie said softly.

“Oh,” Becky said sitting back in her chair and staring off into space for a short while. Then she looks up asking, “Why are you here?”

Hermione took a moment to compose herself before replying, “I am here on behalf of my family to let you know our help is available should you wish it.”


“Because despite everything the Dursleys have done to my husband he does not wish their granddaughter to suffer for their bigotry.”

Becky looked the woman in the eye as she spoke and knew somehow she would help her. “Thank you but what can you do to help?”

“Many things from taking your daughter for a day or so should you just want a break from everything, to financial assistance should you need it,” Hermione replied.

Becky hesitated for a moment before asking, “Why?”

Hermione looked her in the eye obviously thinking.

“I didn’t mean to pry.”

“No it’s a good question. The simple answer is because you are family. A more complex answer is I was born into a non-magical family and my parents had the hardest time dealing with my unique talents. I would like to assist you with that problem and perhaps help your daughter prepare better than I did for what awaits her,” Hermione replied.

“But what about your own children won’t they feel neglected?”

“Oh there is enough of us around. Rose would not be a burden,” Hermione said.

“Luna would love her.” Katie interjected.

“I take it Luna is one of yours.” Becky asked thinking the name was quite unique.

“No…” Hermione said before hesitating, ‘Thank you so much Katie, now what is the best way to explain this.’ Hermione thought before continuing, “Luna is actually my co-wife. She adores children and would be fascinated by Rose.”

Hermione explained.

“You have a co-wife?” Becky sputtered thinking ‘this is getting weirder by the minute.’

“Several actually. Things in our world are slightly different. For one thing although rare multiple wives are legal. Due to some unfortunate events in our recent past there is a shortage of wizards our age so after a long discussion we decided polygamy was the best way to go. I think if you come for a short visit you might understand our world a little better and Rose, I believe her name is, can play to her hearts content without worrying about doing something that would cause problems.”

“Do you have the room?” Becky asked drawing a laugh from Katie. “What is so funny?” Becky asked looking at Katie.

“Yes you chucked you get to explain it.” Hermione stated.

Katie smiled than said, “Becky once you see the Potter castle you will understand my chuckle. Believe me there is room for you.”


“Good this weekend is free if you would like to get meeting the magical relatives out of the way quickly.” Hermione offered.

Becky mulled it over in her mind for several moments before finally deciding to just go with the flow for a while. “Alright what should I bring?” she asked.

“Just pack for a weekend at the beach and don’t forget your bathing suits. Dinner Saturday night might be a bit formal for the adults but I’m sure we have something that will fit you if not Winky would love the challenge.” Hermione said standing up and shaking Becky’s hand.

“Don’t worry I’ll be by to insure your all set,” Katie added as she stood.

“Will you be there?”

“Yes, I’ll be there along with a few others.” Katie assured her after a quick glance at Hermione getting a nod of agreement to an unspoken question.

“What have I gotten into?” Becky said collapsing back into her chair after they’d left staring at the now shut door.

A/N Everyone either has Dudley turn around and embrace the wizarding world when his child turns out to be magical or he gives the child up to Harry. This thought brought out this story.
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