Review for A Hero's Journey Again

A Hero's Journey Again

(#) michae1ange1o 2008-07-10

Looks like you have read a lot of the same stories as me =). Though there are a LOT of clichés involved, I do enjoy a good TT story and thus await more.

Padfoot, amazingly JKR likes to use quite a bit of british folklore in her stories and thus the legend of Padfoot realy exists. see

But like I always say, you as the author write the story as you want, want him as a wolf, he's a wolf. Don't like it, don't read the story, end of discussion.

Pairings, as long as it's not slash I'll be happy. As for Ginny ... well as far as I could tell, the character seems to have the personality of soggy cardboard, I vote Harry/Luna/Tonks, the only two interesting female characters in the whole searies.