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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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A/N-I know I said that this would be out next week, but it was finished and frankly a lot of people were asking me about it so here it is early. Don’t expect this too often, cause it won’t be happening much.

Chapter 2

It hurt. A lot. Try to imagine all of your bones being ripped out all at once, your brain being filled with 25 years of learning, reading and experience simultaneously and your magical reservoir growing to an almost ocean like size from the comparatively small size it was.

When he woke up the next morning he was a little sore which surprised Harry. He had honestly expected to be barely able to move. As he sat up he noticed his body felt different. When he looked down he didn’t believe his eyes. He was ripped, and he was taller. He stopped a second thinking. Something was wrong. What was it? Then he got it. His eyes! He could see without his glasses. Thinking a little harder he realized that his glasses were a huge disadvantage. All someone had to do was summon them or break them somehow and he was fucked. Then he realized something else. He could remember everything. Muggle schools, Hogwarts, hit-wizard training, Department of Mysteries, everything, and then he got to more personal memories. Conversations, dates, and well lets just say he now knows what Padma and Ginny look and feel like naked. Harry blushed at that. Married! To Ginny! That was unexpected to say the least. He thought a little more and realized he knew wandless magic. That was helpful since he was sure that someone would notice the changes in his body. He resolved to start running and lifting weights to explain the difference in his appearance. Working out and a growth spurt should be believable enough for everyone.

He stopped. “How am I doing this memory thing?” He asked aloud. Ahh. Occlumency. He was a master occlumens and it was a good thing, too. If Dumbledore or Snape, or worse Moldy Shorts found out he was fucked. He realized that he knew how to protect his mind so well that any Legilimencer would think he had little to no ability with the discipline.

“Okay. First things first. Food, then running.” He said to himself aloud. Wandlessly charming his eyes and physique back to pre-joining levels and giving his glasses clear lenses instead of his normal barely adequate prescription he opened the door and walked out of his room to an eerily quiet and seemingly empty house.

“Wonder where everyone is.” He got downstairs and found the note from Vernon.


gone to marge’s. your meal is in the oven. eat no more
than was left you. back in a few days. NO UNNATURALNESS.

It wasn’t signed and Harry realized that his uncle’s grammar had always been that atrocious. “Good. They’re out of my hair for a few days.” After eating, Harry mentally found that Dung was his watcher today and smiled. Good. There were things he needed to do and they might look suspicious to anyone actually awake on the job.

Harry apparated silently to Knockturn Alley. He hoped that what he was looking for was already here. They kept time differently than humans. He walked into a very seedy looking pet store. Having wandlessly conjured himself a dark, hooded robe he was not worried about being recognized by anyone. He walked straight past the clerk to the rear of the store where he found it. It looked small and harmless when in actuality it was a very rare, very powerful King Basilisk. They were different from their weaker cousins in several blindingly obvious ways, no pun intended. The first was that Kings were able to choose to be any size between that of garden snake and their true size of over 100 feet with little to no problems. Their other main difference was the fact that the snake could choose when its gaze was lethal. Something its cousin could not do. If it chose it could have no effect, petrify, or kill depending on the snake’s choice. If it chose to petrify its victim, the victim could later be un-petrified by a simple parseltongue counter-spell.

Hello, Harry hissed to the snake that would become his most valuable ally. If anyone had actually been looking at the snake they would have seen an expression that not many people associate with snakes. It’s normally called “fish out of water”. Close your mouth you’ll attract flies. The basilisk’s mouth snapped shut, but it still appeared speechless. Harry chuckled. I am here to take you away from this place to somewhere nicer. Would you like that? The snake merely nodded. I am going to pick you up now and we will leave soon. The snake nodded again.

Harry picked up the snake and disguising his voice to sound deeper asked the owner, “How much?” showing him the snake.

“Twenty galleons,” growled the owner. Luckily Harry had a little money left over from Hogsmede visits throughout the year. It would not do for Harry to be in Gringotts right now. Paying the shop owner Harry walked outside.

Apparating with a magical creature wrapped around your arm was never easy but Harry managed to get to Diagon Alley with no problems, appearing silently. Planning ahead Harry stopped in the magical trunk shop. Remaining anonymous, Harry walked inside and ordered a multi-compartment trunk with spacious living quarters with bedroom, common room, kitchen and bathroom along with a Gryffindor color scheme, a dueling chamber, a quiddich pitch, a potions lab, a wardrobe room, and two general access compartments. Only Harry could open the last five rooms, because they were to be blood warded to him and charmed with a version of the fidelius charm in parselmagic so that if you didn’t know where to look for the latches you would never find them. Another feature that Harry liked was that he could move from compartment to compartment without having to physically get out of the trunk. He could also never be locked into his trunk. Harry smiled at that feature remembering what happened to Mad-Eye and the smile vanished when he realized what could have happened to him and did happen to Cedric. Paying the rest of his money up front and promising the rest on delivery of his trunk, which he found out would be in two weeks.

Apparating home he cancelled the conjured cloak and let the snake uncoil from around his arm. What is your name? Harry asked the snake, already knowing the answer. Midasssss, was the reply he was expecting and exactly the one he got. Harry remembered getting Midas, which he thought was an unusual name for a snake, it turns out that the Greek King Midas was actually named after a legend about this snake, which was actually about 4000 years old.

Turning to his owl Harry said “Hedwig, this is Midas.” Switching to parseltongue he said Midas, this is probably the smartest owl you will ever meet. Her name is Hedwig. After glaring at each other for a while, something that if Harry hadn’t known it was going to happen and known the outcome he would have been worried, the two creatures seemed to come to an agreement. Hedwig hooted once and did what appeared to be the owl equivalent of a bow, which Midas returned. Glad that he had that out of the way and they could form a sort of friendship Harry changed into some extra-baggy shorts and decided to go for his run.

After running down to the park, around it 5 times, and back home Harry figured that was a good route and figured the distance to be about 5 miles. Not being an Olympic athlete but in very good shape he made it back home in about 30 minutes, where he did his cool down exercises and went to take a shower. He did notice the wards around his house. The felt like a second year could break them. “Of course,” thought Harry. “Voldemort used my blood to come back. That means that he can get through these wards anytime he wants to.” This scared him.

Running was a good way for Harry to clear his mind and think. He decided the first thing he wanted to do was have Sirius freed. Once free, Sirius could be his guardian with no problems, and his house was one hell of a lot safer than Privet Drive was at this point.

Thinking about Sirius triggered a memory…


“Well that part I can’t really explain, because I don’t really understand it myself. But before I get into all of that let me ask you a couple of questions. What year are you going to be going into?”

“Fifth.” Harry answered.

“Damn. Missed. I was supposed to come in more towards the end of your fifth year to help save si…someone. Well, it could be worse I guess. It could be the summer before your sixth year. Okay, how do you feel about Sirius? Would you be living with him, if you could, right now?”

“Hell yes, I would be living with him right now. Almost anything would be better than Azkaban South!!!”


“Oh my God,” Harry said collapsing onto his bead. “That’s why I came back to here. It’s just like my third year. I can save Sirius.” He took a deep breath. “Okay. This hasn’t happened. It’s okay. I can prepare for this. I know he will want the prophesy in the Department of Mysteries. I know where he’ll be and when. That is always an advantage.”

And with that Harry Potter smiled a very dangerous and unsettling smile.

A/N-Thank you to everyone who reviewed the first chapter. I also appreciate everyone who told me that Sirius was a big black dog, but hear me out. This is essentially a Victorian England culture that we are dealing with. No TV, no internet, not really a zoo with muggle animals. From what my research says, no wolves live in England. So if someone from this culture saw a big black wolf they would just think that it is a big black dog. That’s what I think anyway and let’s face it, unless I get a pretty convincing argument derailing my thinking, it’s going to stay that way. Sorry to any canon purists out there who I have just offended.

Anyway now that that is dealt with I can get on with a problem I’m having. In this chapter we find out Harry and Ginny were married in the future. I can’t really say that I’m the biggest h/g fan. But I also reveal that Harry was with Padma at some point. So here’s my problem: This can be Harry/Padma or Harry/Padma/Ginny those are the only options. I am taking a vote on what you all want. I can go either way. I am not so far into the story that I will have to make significant changes regardless. I am also going to probably pair Hermione with mBlaise or a Ravenclaw sorry Puffs and Gryffs but no Mione love for you.. But if I get some better ideas I am certainly open to them.
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