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A Hero's Journey Again

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Harry's future self comes back to help Harry before his 5th year.

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A/N- I do not own Harry Potter. Portions of this story may remind you of DrT’s Re-Ordered, and actually that is one of my favorite stories, and inspired the first part of this one. No plagiarism is intended. This is my first fanfic so constructive criticism would be nice. I have 4 chapters written and will add them about once a week.

A Hero’s Journey Again
Chapter 1

Privet Drive, Surrey, England

Harry Potter was not happy. It was not hard to tell this. His eyes were dark. His shoulders hunched. You didn’t have to know him to recognize the signs of pain, grief, and loss.

It was only two weeks after the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Harry Potter was back at his Aunt and Uncle’s house. He was tired. He wasn’t sleeping, and he wasn’t entirely sure if the nightmares he was having when he got to sleep were from guilt or somehow from Voldemort.

He had written to his friends several times. Gotten the usual how are you letters from Ron and Hermione, letters from Sirius and Remus asking how he was and an unusual letter from Ginny.

Ginny’s letter intrigued him. She talked about normal everyday stuff. No how are you, no it’s not your fault, no it’s going to be okay. Just humorous stories from around the Burrow. Ron was pining for Hermione to get there after her week long vacation in Bulgaria with her parents to see Viktor Krum. Apparently he wasn’t too happy with her seeing “Vicky” but he had finally realized that they were friends and nothing else. She would be showing up in about three days, and apparently all Ron did was pace. It was driving everyone crazy.

Harry was grudgingly working on his Potions homework when a bright light could be seen from his window. A horrendous scream could be heard from his room, and just about all non-muggles and even a few of the more sensitive of those felt the magical whiplash.

Harry woke up in what appeared to be a much bigger version of the Gryffindor common room. Except there was only one huge four-poster bed and a lavish sitting area off the main bedroom. There was a man sitting in one of the chairs. He had messy black hair, silver eyes and he appeared to have been in several dozen if not a hundred magical battles in his lifetime.

“Ah, good. You’re awake,” the mysterious man said.

“Where am I? Who are you? What happened? Was it Voldemort?”

The man threw his head back and laughed for what seemed like a long time.

“In order: In your head, you, I brought you here, and this sure as fuck wasn’t Moldy Shorts. You are understandably confused but if you will give me a few minutes I will explain everything.”

“How do I really know that you aren’t working for Voldemort?” Harry asked, wishing he had his wand somewhere with him.

Smiling the man shifted his hair showing….a LIGHTNING BOLT SCAR????

“Wha…Wh…Wha…Who? You’re me? How is this possible?”

“Well that part I can’t really explain, because I don’t really understand it myself. But before I get into all of that let me ask you a couple of questions. What year are you going to be going into?”

“Fifth.” Harry answered.

“Damn. Missed. I was supposed to come in more towards the end of your fifth year to help save si…someone. Well, it could be worse I guess. It could be the summer before your sixth year. Okay, how do you feel about Sirius? Would you be living with him, if you could, right now?”

“Hell yes, I would be living with him right now. Almost anything would be better than Azkaban South!!!”

Older Harry laughed again. Looking closer this time Younger Harry thought it looked like his older self hadn’t really laughed in a very long time. He didn’t look like Sirius did after he got out of Azkaban, just like he hadn’t had a reason to laugh for quite possibly years.

Calming himself Older Harry said “Wow, I needed that. I forgot that I used to refer to this place as Azkaban South. HaHaHa…good times. I already knew that of course, I just wanted to make sure you knew it. Okay, how about, how do you feel about Ron and Hermione?”

“Well, Ron was really my first real friend my own age, and even though he gets really jealous about the stupidest things, he’s still my best mate, ya know?”

“I do know, remember? Now what about Hermione?”

“After Ron, Hermione is like the sister I never had. I wish she wasn’t so bossy about studying and rubbing all her knowledge in everyone else’s face. But I still love her like a sister. I also know that she and Ron really like each other and am just waiting until they start snogging each others brains out.”

“Hmmm.” Older Harry said. “Let’s move on to Ginny. How do you feel about her?”

Harry thought for a few minutes. How did he feel about Ginny? He wasn’t sure. Lately…”I’m not sure. I do know that what I feel for Ginny is different from what I feel for Hermione. I don’t look at her as a sister and I’m not sure that I ever really did. I would like to get to know her better as a friend and later on who knows? Well I mean obviously you know, but you get it.”

“Yeah, I know. Okay. Now if I could tell you one of your fellow Gryffindors was spying on you to Dumbledore would you want to know? Or if you did want to know, would you believe me when I told you?”

“Hell yes I want to know. Someone is spying on me? Who? Seamus? Dean? Parvati? Are they in my year?”

“Well…you aren’t going to like it but…Ron.”

“WHAT???!!! Ron? How? Why? Why would Ron do this to me? When I get my ha...”

“Hold it right there Harry. You know you have to defeat Voldemort, but you also have to take care of Fudge and Dumbledore in order to truly win this war. But you don’t necessarily have to do it in that order. I can help you. In fact, that is kinda why I’m here. You have to decide if you want my help. I can give you all of my magical learning, most of my power, my memories, and my abilities. However, it will hurt. I’m not talking about get hit by a bludger hurt, or have all the bones in your arm removed hurt, or even crucios from Voldemort hurt. Your head will hurt, your body will hurt, and I am pretty sure that your magic will hurt. However it will not last long. Two or three minutes at the most.”

“What do you mean abilities, and if I have your memories will I suddenly become you? No offense, but I don’t really like you. You are kind of a dick.” Harry responded.

“Well, you see how my eyes are silver? I performed a ritual on myself that allowed me to be able to hear, speak, and write any known language perfectly. It’s like anyone speaking to me is speaking the Queen’s English, and I speak the language like I’ve been speaking it all my life. You will get my animagus forms.”

“Wait…forms? Hermione said…she’s not spying with Ron is she?”

“No she’s cool. Only Ron has betrayed you.”

“Good. Anyway, Hermione said that it was impossible to have more than one form. An animagus form is a reflection of the Wizards personality and abilities.”

“And she is right. Take Sirius, a wolf. It’s perfect for him. He is very mischievous and playful, but under the right circumstances he can be very…ha ha…serious. He might have given dad and Remus a hard time but any threats against them was met with equal if not greater force in return.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. Okay. How many forms do I have and what are they?”

“Five. Three magical forms and two non-magical forms. The two are fairly straight forward and make sense but they will hurt some when you find out about them. You see dad and Padfoot as protectors right?”

Harry thought about that for about 10 seconds. Ignoring that fact that he had not one, not two, but five animagus forms. Hermione would freak, he thought. “Yeah. Dad protected me and mom from Voldemort, and Sirius protected me from Wormtail,” he spat the name as if it were a bad taste in his mouth just to say it.

“Good. Then the first two should be obvious. A stag and a wolf. As cool as the stag is, it is not very helpful. It’s brown so it doesn’t blend in as well at night, plus it isn’t a predator. It’s prey. The wolf on the other hand rocks. It could be Padfoot’s twin. Except for your special animagus marking, which isn’t that visible anyway.”

Older Harry had been partially right. Knowing he had one of those forms hurt. The stag. That was his dad. The father that Voldemort had stolen from him. The wolf on the other hand was cool. He could go running with Padfoot and Moony on full moons.

“I think I’m okay now, thanks.” Harry said after a minute.

“No problem. I remember how I felt when I found out four years from now. Take all the time you need. No rush. All anyone would see from outside is that you have fallen asleep doing your homework. Which is pretty much what has happened. Except you’re not asleep and I’m here, too.” After getting Younger Harry’s nod Harry continued. “Two of your magical forms should not really be a surprise if you really think about it. Although it is kind of a surprise that they exist together in one person. A basilisk and a phoenix, the basilisk because of the venom in your blood from the fang, and a phoenix from the tears in your blood from when Fawkes healed you. This is strange because a basilisk is the ultimate dark creature and a phoenix is the ultimate light creature, but, like our eyes, our magic is neither light or dark but more of a grey.”

“Yeah. Those two seem too different but in a way it sort of makes sense. Hey, I just thought of something. How far from the future are you? You said I would learn about my wolf and stag forms in four years, so you are from at least four years into the future, but my guess is more like twenty. Have we really been fighting Voldemort for that long? Did we win?”

Future Harry looked at his watch. Did some calculations. “Damn. I bet myself that I wouldn’t ask that question for 10 more minutes. Looks like that is another 100 galleons I’ve lost to myself. So far I’m into myself for about 10,000.” Young Harry just looked at his older version wondering if sometime between now and about twenty years into the future he was going to become stark raving bonkers. As if Older Harry had read his mind, is that even possible when both people are in one persons mind?, he said “Hey, staking out known and suspected Voldy Munchers is boring and I needed something to do. Leave me alone.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” said Younger Harry

“Right. I’m from 25 years into the future give or take about 10 or 15 minutes. And yes, we won. Pretty much right before I came back. Better?”

“Well if we won, why did you come back?” Asked Younger Harry.

Older Harry took a deep breath. “Everyone we loved was gone. Killed. We had nothing left. Sure we would now be the most famous, most powerful, wizard in the world, but that has never been something we want, right?”

“Yeah. What is my last form? It’s not like a flobberworm, or a beetle, or something useless like that is it? Is that why you saved it for last?”

“No, it’s not a flobberworm. It is actually pretty cool. And I bet that you can figure it out for yourself. Aside from the animals you know you already are what creature has had the biggest effect on your life up to this point that you could identify with?”

Harry thought about that. What creature had had the biggest impact on him? He knew it was magical, he also knew that it probably flew, it is probably very fast and if his older self was anything to go by it must be pretty strong, too. Now that he had the characteristics only one creature came to mind and Harry’s eyes grew to almost as big as Dobby’s. “No way. It can’t be. That is fucking awesome. I am really a Hungarian Horntail? Really? Wow.”

Older Harry smiled at the younger, softer, more inexperienced version of himself. “Yep. It’s awesome. The feeling of power from the dragon is immense and like the phoenix flying under your own power is incredible. Oh, I almost forgot. You get all the magical properties of your forms. So you need to be really careful with the basilisk and the dragon. You could really hurt someone.” He looked at his watch again. “Shit. We’ve got to wrap this up. Do you want to do the joining?”

Harry took a deep breath, closed his eyes and nodded.

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