Review for Frozen


(#) Dinah_Blue 2008-07-19

All right, this is kind of short, but effective. I'd like to hear more details about the time Kalice spent before, date. You're not descriptive enough on that area. As it stands, it's more a moral piece than a story (not, of course, that the moral is bad or wrong, but story is important, too). Also, this probably isn't G. I'm pretty sure anything with rape in it - and it wasn't hinted at, it was "shown," even if only a bit - is PG or PG-13. G implies three-year-olds can see this, and your story is too mature for little kids like that. It'd just confuse them and make their parents mad. You have the right warning, but the wrong rating. So, um...thanks for writing. Keep it up!