Review for 22 Acacia Avenue

22 Acacia Avenue

(#) crystalcrash 2008-07-22

Ummm... yeah, Frankie really needs to quit the job, even if the customers are only aloud to kiss and touch him a bit, its still disgusting is your his boyfriend! I mean, i wouldn't be able to handle seeing guys all over him, even if you know he loves you and not them. Am i even making sense? haha

But i wouldn't quit a job and not find another one. Depending on another person entirely is not smart, and also a bit boring! He should just find a new job... maybe being a tattoo artist or something like that! haha

Ok, i'll quit talking now. Great chapter. I'll be waiting for the next.

Author's response

Yes your making sense, and I think Frank should go with Gee too but what can I do? I'm just the author.
Oh wait... ignore that statement XD
Dont worry, all will go well...maybe...I dont know... you'll just have to keep reading >:]
Lol, thanks for the review :]