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The next month was one of the best of my life... well, of my life so far. I went to Acacia Avenue quite a lot, keeping an eye on Frankie and making sure he was safe. He stook to what he had told me and only ever worked behind the bar, he was still the most popular guy working there. Infact, he was the most popular person working there full stop, and even though I would squirm with jealousy whenever someone else kissed him or hugged him, I could bear it. Ray was convinced I would be starting fights every night because of it but I'm not a violent person, and I knew that Frank felt nothing for these men, and I was starting to enjoy the dirty looks I was receiving off them, they wanted Frank and I was the one who had him. I was just as confused as they were about it but I wasnt complaining. Ray sometimes joined me at Acacia but he had met some one himself. A lovely woman named Jennifer, or Jenny as we shortned it to. She was one of those sweet and innocent type and Ray was the 'take everything majorly slow' type, together they made a perfect couple. Though they insisted they were just friends I knew better, and me and Frankie enjoyed giggling about it together.
On Franks days off we would go out together, clearly we couldnt go as a couple being two men, but we went as 'friends'. Frank knew London like the back of his hand and he took to me interesting places that me and Ray wouldnt otherwise known about. We had visited St. Pauls cathedral, but Frank took me to a smaller church. He said he was slightly religious and came here a lot when he was in the workhouse. I'm not overly religious, but I had to admit being in that place felt so...peaceful. It was empty when we went there and the sun shone through the stain glass windows causing beautiful rainbows of light to appear around us. Frank had smiled sweetly with sparkling eyes as he gazed about the church from the middle of the aisle where we were stood and I couldnt take my eyes off him. He turned me and whispered that it was so romantic and then went in to kiss me. I stopped him at first telling him we were in a holy place, and that well... what would God think? That had nearly killed Frank, he had laughed so much I couldnt help but feel embaressed. Then he had whispered - and I remember it word for word -
"Gee... I cant care less what the bible and all the preachers say, God wanted us to be in love with eachother and I'm sure he's giggling at the very thought of you worrying that he's against this. I love you and you love me, whats wrong with that?" His eyes had been locked with mine and his lips just kept capturing my attention, what with his lipring catching the light and all... In the end all I could choke out was ''nothing'' and this time I eagerly met him for the deep kiss we lost ourselves in...
I wont ever forget that day.
We had got closer and closer over the month, and now I was sat in his room at Acacia after being out at a pub with him. He was resting his head on my shoulder as lay on his bed, talking together. I was trying to convince him to leave this place but he just kept saying he needed the money and he didnt want me to have to support him, that he'd feel like a burden.
"Frank, didnt you ever want to do anything different... like, did you have a dream?" I asked. Frank looked up at me as I blushed.
"Of course I did, I wanted to run a pub." He said casually, I nearly choked on the air, Frank giggled and I looked at him in shock.
"Are you serious?" I asked. Frank laughed and poked my chest.
"Yes I'm serious, whats so shocking about that? When my parents died and I had to go to the work house I used to get through it by telling myself one day I would run my own pub, I guess never really beleived it would happen. Heck! I never really believed I'd get out of that damn place, and when I did I was so shocked I was almost dazed and the idea of a pub just left my head entirely, by the time I remembered I had been working here for a year and I knew there was just no way it could happen. When your young you dont realise all the money and hard work that would have to be done to get something like that, and I just dont have the money..." Frank trailed off looking into space and I kissed the top of his head, causing him to smile.
"Well, if you got the money would you run your own pub?" I asked. Frank shrugged and looked thoughtful.
"I guess, but its so expensive to get a pub running in London nowadays, I could never save that kind of money. Besides I love working behind the bar here, sure I get some weirdos causing trouble but thats what keeps it exciting." Frank grinned up at me and I smiled back.
"What about you Gee? Did you have a dream?" He asked.
"Yep, I wanted to write my own story books. The kinds with pictures in, when I was kid whenever I was upset I used to make up these little worlds and I would just daydream for hours. I started making them into books and then about five years ago the first one got published, since then I've become quite a well known author back home." I replied, Frank looked at me with wide eyes.
"So... you got your dream?" He asked. I nodded and kissed him quickly.
"Yeah I did, and one day you'll get yours. I promise." Frank sighed and looked down.
"Dont promise stuff like that Gee." He mumbled. I held him tighter to me and brushed a hand through his hair.
"Why not? Its true. Come on Frankie, your not going to be working here all your life are you?" I asked. Frank shrugged and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck.
"I dont know. What else can I do?" He wondered as he began kissing and nipping at my flesh. I struggled to keep my thoughts on the subject at hand.
"You can quit working here, you can live with me -"
"Gee we've had this conversation so many times now. Please, I dont want to have it again." He whispered. I sighed and nodded, letting it rest for now but I just couldnt understand why he kept saying no. He wouldnt be a burden to me, why couldnt he see that? I guessed he had trouble trusting people, especially men. I knew he wanted to trust me because he loves me, but that doesnt mean it wouldnt be difficult. I guess he's scared he'll quit his job and live with me and then I'll tire of him and leave him, without a job or a place to live.
I would never do that. But how could I make him believe me?

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