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I was glad to find that Frank was behind the bar once I reached number 22. If it had been Merl I wouldnt have been surprised if she had kicked me out straight away. I hurried over to the bar and waited for Frank to notice me, once he had he gave an excited cry and dived over the bar to embrace me.
"Hey Gerard!" He cried, the sound of happiness flowing through his voice.
"Hey Frankie." I smiled, holding him tightly back. When we let go Frank dropped down back on the other side of the bar and smiled at me with flushed cheeks, he brushed a stray strand of hair behind his ear and began pouring ale into a cup for the customer he was serving.
"I was wondering where you had gone, Merl said you had just left randomly. She gave me some weird lecture about games or something. I think she doesnt want me to see you, but that cant be right." Frank gave me a confused look as he handed the man his ale, he was eyeing Frank up but after a while of getting no reaction he snorted moodily and wandered off.
"I didnt just randomly leave, I had a bit of an argument with Merl." I said, Frank looked horrified and I felt bad. I knew he saw Merl as a mother figure.
"You had an argument? What about, she didnt mention anything to me." He said sadly. I sighed and looked around before asking if I could talk to him in private. I was taken once more out into the small space we had been in before, this was becoming quite a memorable location. I told Frank all about what Merl had said and he looked more and more upset. When I had finished I was wishing I had never opened my mouth.
"Oh... sorry Gerard, she's a little overprotective I guess..." He said with a nervous giggle. I sighed and ran a hand through his hair, unable to resist, he smiled up at me as he slipped his arms round my waist.
"Frankie, if she really cares about you why does she let you work here. Getting taken by all those men. Its horrible." I said, Frank sighed and shrugged, looking sadly at the floor.
"I need the money I guess. If I asked to quit then she would let me, but she's letting me make my own decisions and I decided to work here. Its a two way thing you know, its not all her fault." He said calmly. I sighed and decided to just come out with what I wanted to say.
"Frank I dont like you working here." I began. Frank looked up at me with a sad smile.
"I know you dont." He said quietly, I shook my head.
"No you dont understand." I said urgently. Frank tilted his head to the side and waited for me to explain. "I really really dont like you working here. I could just about bear it before when I was trying to convince myself that I didnt feel anything other than friendship for you, but now I've decided to just face the way I feel for you and its great you know, I'm so happy being with you." Frank smiled widely at me, tightening his hold on me but I wouldnt let him kiss me before I was done. "But the thing is, now I really cant stand the thought of all those men being all over you. I understand its your job and you need the money and everything but I just... I dont like it Frankie. I dont want to be all controlling and horrible but I want you to quit the job." I blurted the last three words out feeling like a monster, but to my surprise Frank merely smiled warmly at me and gave a small giggle.
"Thats so cute Gee. Your all jealous, and want to protect me from them." Frank laughed sweetly and kissed my cheek. "I need the money though Gerard." He said quietly.
"But Frankie, I could support you, come stay with me in the inn I'll pay for everything. Dont worry about it!" I cried, but Frank shook his head.
"I couldnt let you do that Gerard, but dont worry. I'll take my old job, the one I had when I first started work when Merl didnt want me to do anything major, all I do is work behind the bar - the most contact the customers are allowed off me is kisses and light touches. Will that be okay?" He asked. I sighed, my stomach churning and it was clear that I didnt find that okay at all, but I knew that was the most Frank could do without leaving Acacia avenue altogether, which was fine by me but he wouldnt leave.
"Okay... I... I guess so." I mumbled. Frank smiled and kissed me quickly on the lips.
"Dont worry Gerard, your the only one for me. This is just my job. But come and visit all you like and then on my days off we can spend some real time together." He ran his hands up my chest and my heart beat increased rapidly. I placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled him into a deep kiss, our lips working in sync as all my worries melted away in the passionate heat. But Frank was supposed to be working and we had to go back inside too soon.
I found Ray waiting for me in the bar, he was looking flustered and when he saw me and Frank he sighed with releif.
"Thre you are! I thought you'd gone and done something crazy, like kill a group of men because you saw them staring at Frank or something." He said as we approached him, I glared at him and Frank giggled, kissing my cheek before going back to work. Merl appeared out of no where and gave me a stern look, taking the hint I told Frank I was leaving and we kissed again before I followed Ray to the door. We were about to leave when I heard a man asking Merl -
"Hey, is that guy going out with Frank?" I turned round and answered him before Merl could.
"Yeah I am, so make sure you keep your hands to yourself, because this may be his job and he wont say no but I was never too good at sharing." The man nodded quickly and I saw Frank grinning at me, I winked at him before leaving the building. Ignoring Merls icy glare, his fists clenched at her sides.

A/N: Sorry, just a filler but I had to add this one before I can move on to the next. Love you aaaalll!!
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