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Can who dares win when this isnt a game

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Dont ask about the title cos I have no idea - couldnt think of anything else =S

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Bright sunlight made my eyes ache despite the fact they were closed, I groaned and rubbed my palms over my eye lids, wondering why I hadnt closed the curtains last night. I yawned and rolled over, turning my back to the sunlight that came through the window - almost rolling right on top of Frankie. I gasped as my eyes shot open, staring in shock down at the form beside me, taking a moment to realise who it was and then all of the events of last night came flooding back. I was stunned for a second, trying to figure out how it had really happened. I obvioiusly wasnt dreaming since Frank was right here next to me. Slowly, a smile spread across my face and I settled back down under the covers, wrapping an arm shyly round his waist, shuffling closer to him and closing my eyes again, pressing my face to the back of his head, smelling his hair and feeling his warmth. I dont know how long I lay there, but I had never felt so content and when I felt Frank begin to stretch I couldnt help but want to squeal over the cuteness of his little yawn.
Thankfully I managed to contain myself.
Frank rolled over, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, once he had he smiled warmly at me and wrapped his arms around my neck.
"Morning Angel." He giggled, kissing me quickly. I smiled like a drunk that had just been given a free drink and cuddled him closer.
"Morning princess." I responded, Frank laughed and snuggled into me, entwining our legs together and kissing every part of me he could get at. "How are you this morning?" I asked, in an attempt to keep things casual. Not wanting to jump the poor guys bones so early in the morning.
"Never better, things can only be that way if I've woken up next to you." Frank whispered, kissing all over my chest. I couldnt help but giggle a little.
"Frankie... that was so corny." Frank laughed and looked up at me, a huge grin on his face as he shrugged.
"I know. But its true." He chuckled. I laughed and kissed him, this time our lips sticking a little longer. I ran my hands over his hips and he ran his fingers through my hair. I felt like nothing could ruin this moment but like always something was just waiting to prove me wrong. Our tongues had just met when the door banged open and Merl stormed in.
"Frankie Iero get up now! Did you forget you had an early morning appointment with Mr - Oh...I - I didnt realise..." Merl stopped, suddenly noticing that Frank was not alone, and that not only did he have company, but he was currently tangled around said company with shining eyes and guilty faces. Merl looked completely shocked, but once she had finally come to terms with what she was seeing a look of annoyance replaced the one of shock and she slammed her hands onto her hips looking pretty pissed off.
"Frankie. You know I dont mind you spending nights with people but werent you supposed to be with Gary last night? I wondered why he stormed out early, and not only that but spending evenings with people who arent customers is only allowed on your nights off, and it definitely shouldnt stop you from working the next day. Whats gotten into you? Breaking the rules all of a sudden. Mr. Kingston has been waiting for the past half an hour, if I were you I'd get your backside out of the bed and into room 14 pretty damn sharpish before he doesnt pay us." Merl waited a second before jerking her thumb at the door and shouting "NOW!" Frank bit his lip and slid out of bed, giving me a sad look before hurrying out of the room with his head down. Merl glared at him, waiting until he was out of the room before directing her daggers at me.
"So Gerard, this was why you wanted to see Frank huh? Well I'm sorry, but no free service." She held her hand out as if she expected me to pay her. I was momentarily stunned before shaking my head as if trying to clear it of thoughts.
"I'm sorry, what?" I asked. Merls glare increased and she walked over to the bed, her hand still held out.
"Your heard me." She snapped. I glared back at her and folded my arms, sitting up.
"You want me to pay you? For what?" I demanded. The expression on Merls face reminded me somewhat of a bull that had just seen red.
"For Franks service. He's a sensitive boy, all you have to do is tell him you love him once and he'll do anything, he's not smart enough to realise when he's being played. But I am and I protect that lad as if he were my own, so I dont care what lies you fed him, I wont fall for it. Now pay up and get out." She snarled. I blinked stupidly at her for a second before getting slowly out of the bed, the look on my face caused her to step back and falter slightly. Now I was pissed off.
"Dont you dare talk about me and Frank like that. What gave you the right to tell me that I'm playing him? And how the hell can you say you protect him as if he were yours and that he's not smart all in the same breath? You may have known him longer than me but I know for a fact that he's one hell of a smart guy, and that if he was being played then he would know about it, and dont you fucking dare tell me that I lied to him when I said I loved him. I would never mess with some ones heart like that. And all this protecting him bullshit? Well, thats rich! Are you seriously trying to convince me that your protecting him when you let numerous dirty, sleazy, disgusting men fuck him against his will just so you can get a bit of cash? If you wanted to protect him then you wouldnt let any of those people so much as look at him! So dont you fucking dare start lady, and I am not paying you for anything because we didnt do anything!" My voice got louder as I became more angry, but by the time I had spat all of this out Merls look of shock and guilt made me calm down slightly.
"I - he..." Merl took a deep breath and frowned at me. "The reason I let those men spend time with Frank is because he wanted a job and I gave him one, he is free to leave when ever wants but he doesnt because he needs the money. Every bodys got their vice Gerard." She snapped. I snorted and pushed past her.
"Whatever you say. You know, you really do make me sick." I snapped, as I left the room. Halfway down the corridor I heard Merl shout.
"Oh yeah!? Well the feelings mutual!"

Ray was smirking at me from across the table. I waited for him to say something but he didnt, and I was beginning to feel more and more awkward the longer the silence lasted.
"So erm... yeah -"
"I knew it." Ray giggled quietly. I raised an eyebrow even though I knew exactly what he was talking about.
"Knew what?" I asked. Ray leaned back in his chair, taking a sip of his coffee.
"That this would happen. It was only a matter of time. Oh, its so romantic." Ray gave a happy sigh and I rolled my eyes, I had just told him about spending the night with Frank and this had been the reaction I got. Admittedly it was better than being scrutinised for being in love with another man.
"Okay...I guess so. But what should I do about Merl? She obviously hates my guts, and I know she does care for Frankie despite everything, she probably wont let me get any where near him anymore." I sighed. Ray shrugged casually in response.
"You care for him too. Besides, even if she does try to keep you from seeing Frank he wont stand for it. He'll make sure he gets to see you, and not even Merl will be able to stop him." Ray smirked at me and I smiled back, taking a gulp of my own coffee which had cooled down whilst I had been telling Ray about Frank. We were quiet for a moment before Ray put down his cup and looked at me. I could tell he wanted to ask me something and raised my eyebrows to show I was listening.
"Gee... dont you feel a little... ya' know... jealous that all these men are going to be with Frank?" He asked. I was shocked for a second before realising he meant Franks customers. I hadnt really thought about it but now Ray had just mentioned it I did feel a slight sickness in his stomach.
"Well I... he doesnt want to be with them. Its not like he enjoys it and... my god." Realisation suddenly dawned on me. God I was slow. "All those men, they're gonna be all over him. Its disgusting. No! I wont allow it, I dont want them breaking him like that. I'm meant to be protecting him and I'm just sat here whilst he's doing his job. He shouldnt be in that job. I dont want those guys with Frankie, I love him and he's supposed to be only for me now. Is that selfish?..." I looked thoughtful for a second before shaking my head and jumping to my feet.
"I dont care if it is! I'm going to protect him like I should be!" I began making my way over to the door as a look of horror covered Rays face, he jumped to his feet and rushed after me as he said.
"Oh hell, your going to do something stupid arent you?"
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