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In your arms tonight

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It took Ray a while to explain to me the subliminal messages I seemed to have been missing. Once he was finished I had a terrible feeling inside me, my stomach felt heavy and I felt as if I was being strangled, how could I have been so stupid to have missed all of this? Ray left me alone, knowing I would want to be alone to my thoughts and I was left in my room with my head in my hands, all the feelings that had been mingled in my heart finally making themselves clear. Each individual emotion coming out one by one, like strands of piano wire being unpicked from my heart, making each beat more painful from the last as the defenses I had unintentionally built up came tumbling down.
The truth hurts and it was killing me.
It took a long, painful three hours to realise how I truly felt for that little angel down at Acacia. Wasnt love supposed to feel good? Because right now I hated it to hell. But I knew it would only hurt more the longer I stayed away from him. Eventually I got off my bed and grabbed my jacket, making my decision.
I banged on Rays door and told him where I was going before tearing out of the inn and running down the streets, I got a lot of odd looks but my mind was set on only one thing.

THe bar was packed with people when I got there but though I looked for Frank I couldnt see him. Merl was stood behind the bar so I ran to her, she would know where he was.
"Merl! Merl wheres Frankie!?" I cried. Merl turned and gave me a shocked look, my hair was a mess and my eyes were red but surely she could still answer my question!
"Gerard? What are you doing here?" She asked, for the first time in her life she wasnt trying to sell me someone.
"Merl, I need to see Frankie. Where is he?" I cried. Merl raised an eyebrow and gave me a skeptical look.
"He's upstairs with a customer. Why?" She asked. I dived across the bar and kissed her cheek, recieving a shocked look off her before racing across the bar to the door that led upstairs, renching open the door and taking the stiars two at a time, desperate to find him. To tell him before it was too late.
Once I was in the corridor I realised I didnt know what room he was in, this wasnt some romance novel and I wasnt prepared to go banging on every door causing a commotion. I bit my lip and wondered whether Merl would know when I heard a choked sob, a sob I would have known anywhere. And it was coming from the door on the left. I took the handle in my hand just as I heard a voice that sent shivers down my spine.
"I see your not resisting this time Frankie boy, finally learnt your place? Good, I prefer when I dont have to fight for what I want. Unn...and I want you." I clenched my teeth and pulled the door open, finding Frank on his knees on the bed, he had trousers on as did Gary but they were both shirtless and Gary was trailing his tongue up Franks back. Grinding his hips into Franks ass. I felt bile rise in my throat at the sight, my heart clenching as I saw the tears on Franks face, the look of hopelessness, the way he didnt even try to resist. The way he had given in.
"Get the fuck away from him." I snarled, crossing the room with smooth strides. Both Gary and Frank turned their heads to look at me, Frank looked shocked and Gary looked pissed off. He climbed off the bed, walking slowly over to me, his eyes flashing angrily.
"Fuck off Gerard, I've paid for this." He snapped, seizing me by the collar and pulling me close. "Or am I gonna have to force you to leave?" He breathed. I wrinkled my nose at his fowl breath and tried to break out of his grip, making him hold tighter.
"Let go of me, and leave." I growled. Gary laughed in my face, laughed right at me and I decided I wasnt going to be patient. I had come here with a purpose and I was going to carry it out. I pulled my fist back and Gary turned his head to watch, having no time to move away before I brought it back down against his face. I hit him three times before watching him sink to the floor, his grip on me failing. He landed at my feet and I stared down at him, my breathing heavy, anger in my eyes. Gary looked up at me, his face bloody.
"Your a bastard Gerard, I hope you burn in hell." He spat. I poised my foot above his face and gave a low laugh.
"I hope you burn in hell Gary, your the rapist if I'm not much mistaken. Now get the fuck out of my site before I crush your skull." I snarled, a manic look in my eyes. Gary looked horrified and scrambled to his feet, spitting blood out of his mouth he fled from the room, slamming the door shut behind him. I felt a sharp pain in the palm of my hands and realised I had clenched my fists so tight I had peirced the flesh. Wiping the globs of blood off on my trousers I turned to look at Frank who was sat on the bed, cuddling one of the pillows, his eyes wide and watery, his hair flat. He looked so much like a poor innocent child I just wanted to scoop him up and hold him forever.
"A - are you okay?" I asked. Slowly making my way over to him, but he flinched away from me, as if he was afraid I would strike him. The look of fear in his eyes brought tears to mine and I stopped a foot away from the bed, holding out my hand in a bid of kindness. "Frankie... I wont hurt you." I whispered. He swallowed loudly and his lips parted slightly, looking at me in sadness.
"You saved me again... I... Why are you here?" He whispered, still sounding petrified. I choked back a sob, tears spilling over my cheeks.
"B - because I love you... I love you Frankie." I whimpered. Franks lips parted more and his eyes grew wide, the tears that spilled over my cheeks mirrored by his. Slowly he got to his knees, crawling across the mattress until he could reach out and take my hand, his warm finger tips folding round mine and allowing me to pull him gently off the bed but I was too afriad to pull him to me. I didnt need to though as he took the final step into my arms, cupping my face in his hands and pushing his parted lips to mine, I gave a sob into his mouth as I wrapped my arms tightly around him, holding him tight against me as our lips remained motionless, just savouring the feeling of how they fitted so perfectly together. Every now and then I would taste salt blossoming on my tongue as tears pushed between our lips, I didnt know whether it was my tears or his I was tasting but it didnt matter to me. We fell to the bed as our lips began to move, working with one another to create a sweet rhythm, we shuffled up the bed, lying so that we were on our sides facing eachother, our legs tangling and hands holding hips and faces. His tongue pushed shyly into my mouth and I met it with mine, it was a strange feeling, the warmth of his silky tongue against mine, our spit mingling bathing our whole mouths in hotness. He gripped my hips tighter and I held his face softly in my hands, the kiss becoming more and more heated, our tongues rolling around eachother as our lips worked furiously to gather every taste and sense it was possible to.
When we had to pull apart we gasped for breath and my tears fell thick and fast, my senses overwhelmed by the way I was feeling. Frank hushed me and held me, brushing my hair out of my face and kissing my cheek, rocking my gently. Like I had longed for him to do so many times before.
"Shh, Gerard whats wrong? Why are you crying?" He asked quietly, kissing all over my face. "Is it me? Dont you love me?" Frank suddenly stopped, looking frightened I was going to reject him like I had that night in Rays room. I shook my head quickly trying to stop my sobs.
"No Frankie, its not you I do love you. I love you Frankie, god I love you so much. Its just... I never thought I would ever feel this way, I never thought anyone would ever love me back. Not like this." I whispered, Frank smiled at me with watery eyes and ran his thumbs over my cheeks, gathering up the tears.
"But your happy right?" He asked. I gave a funny sound that was halfway between a sob and a laugh as I nodded.
"Yes Frankie, yes I'm happy. Oh just kiss me!" I pulled him into me once more, our lips reconnecting in a soft kiss. I ran my hands over his body, feeling him. Trying to memorise him in my head so I would never forget.
We stayed like that for most of the evening, just lying there and talking a little between kisses, sometimes the kisses were passionate and heated, all lips and teeth and tongue, others they were soft and sweet, our lips barely moving. But all of them ended with a liplock, just so I could feel his soft lips for a little longer, without moving them. By the time it was dawn we were only just going to sleep. The last thing he said to me being "Sleep tight angel, thanks for saving my heart aswell as me."

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