Review for Molest!


(#) linerlover 2008-07-24

haha WOOOOOOO!!!!

i swear, chavs are like marmite. love or hate em. normally the latter.
this sounds so incredibly like some of my friends, 'cept with us its 'FACE RAAAAAAAAAPE'. or in some cases, just plain old 'RAAAAAAPE'. i swear, we get the weirdest looks.

oh and apparently, were not allowed to use the name 'chav' anymore, because its politically incorrect...
makes me wonder.

but aaanyways. if you get a chance, go see 'the woman in black' in london, and then on the ride back afterwards, wait until everyones falling asleep, then put on a black hood and scream 'BLAZEEEEEEERGHWHEEEEEERG!!!!' in the aisle, and everyone screams. a lot. very loud.