Review for Gerard Way's Diary

Gerard Way's Diary

(#) ferardxXxgerarnk_tc 2008-07-27

ahhhh i was so excited that you updated that i read it so fast and almost spilt my second cup of coffee cause i was so suprised when it ended swore it was longer but damn was it good. soo addicted to this story its not even funny
well the story is funny that's for sure
ooh like this part "11 a.m. Just got back from the Seven Eleven up the road. Needed more cigarettes, some fucking idiot flushed mine down the toilet." cracked me up
and the way you write, i think i might actually like bert now hahahaha he seems cookoo bananas but sweet nonetheless and frankie is so cute how he semi protected gee
oh wow sorry kinda long review heh hyper ok well please don't keep us waiting too long for an update ^-^

Author's response

I added a new warning ... just for you.

Hope you have an extra large coffee this time round. I made it super duper long, just for you.

Ha ha, well, for now you have to like Bert. So I'm glad you feel like way, later though ... well, we'll just see.