Review for A Harmonian Way of Life

A Harmonian Way of Life

(#) cloneserpents 2008-08-05

I’m all for Weasley bashing, but to be honest, it’s very nice to see a motherly Molly. Her characterization was very sweet and I wished that JKR had gone down that path (I’m racking that up with the other dropped concepts she had).

For some reason, I’ve always thought of Hermione as being a dirty talker or getting turned on by dirty talk. It just seems to fit.

I would’ve liked to have heard what happened to Ron in the epilogue; to see how correct Harry’s assumption of Ron’s future would be.

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Shawn (a.k.a. cloneserpents)

Author's response

Personally, I reckon Hermione, when she takes off her shoes at the end of the day, turns into an absolute little minx (an impression really NOT helped by Emma Watson's performance, since she looks like she could be absolute filth under the right circumstances). I really could see timid little Hermione being a Peugeot... the ride of your life.