Review for Spencer did what?

Spencer did what?

(#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-08-14

OMG, dude, this was just too amazing.

In Spencer’s eyes there was no better woman on the entire airplane…nay….on the entire nine planets, and yes, Pluto did count to Spencer.

YES! Someone other than me still considers Pluto a planet. I was truly devestated when those lame scientists claimed that it wasn't. Stupid scientists. -glares at them-

Honestly it was like toting around a needy apple-bottomed toddler sometimes. But he was loved.

ROTFL! I just now pictured a toddler wearing apple-bottomed jeans. xD
Oh man, that was just awesome.

“Brend they’ve only just arrived,” Ryan murmured in his sullen monotone voice, one hand plugging his left ear so he could block out the background noises, the other hand writing on a lined notepad, that was recognized by all as the ‘Sacred Notepad’, a thing not to be touched.

LOL, dude, right after I read that, I ran to my room, pulled out the notebook I usually write in and grabbed a sharpie. Then, I wrote 'SACRED NOTEPAD' at the top and on the bottom I put, 'Do not touch'

Hahaha, that was too awesome. Oddly, I can see Ryan carrying around a notepad that says, 'SACRED' as though he worships it. Haha. :D

“Dude,” Brendon said in a slightly dreamy voice, “You’re Granny is Hot.”

Lmao, weird image of Brendon and Grandma Smith. Although, I thought this was excellently funny. :]

/Brendon, Ryan, and Jon exchanged glances.
“T” from Brendon,
“M” added Jon hyperly, forming the letter with his arms as one would during the YMCA dance,
“I” Finished Ryan./

ROTFL. OH MAN. That was the best mental image I have ever had. Especially since Jon physically formed the letter M. That was just too great.

I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of your works. They are written in perfection with humorous comments here and there. And I have to say, I enjoy it so much. I always know that I'll be happy with whatever I read from you. Your characters? Their personalities are just so real and amazina and---gah. You rock.

I'm really quite surprised I hadn't found this earlier. :D