Review for Guilt is the worst feeling.

Guilt is the worst feeling.

(#) XxMyChemicalPanicsxX 2008-08-14

I'm mad at you.
I hate you a lot.
You wanna know how much I hate you?
I hate you this much

Why did you leave me for who knows how long without updating?


You're lucky this was a damn good chapter or you'd be decapitated.

I just love how Ryan left a sappy,gushy lovepostcard just to say he was going to breakfast. That's just cute. As to why he tried to throw it away, I won't know until you update. And I swear to God if you don't update.....

Author's response

I did tell you that I was going on holiday GOSH Urm, i dont really know why he threw it away. It's probs cus he wouldn't want Bren to read it while he was there, u no how shy he can get. I'm very sorry that i didnt update, but i will try to write more, so u will be happy.luv u lots.
Xxx Nica xxX