Review for But I can fix you!

But I can fix you!

(#) ferardxXxgerarnk_tc 2008-08-20

aw everytime frank and gerard talk it goes from telling eachother a brief description of what happened, things getting awkward and then a random saying xD
it's adorable
but i wish they would just be open to each other and make things sooo much easier
great update though
the way you write is like a drug
it's so addicting
please update soon

Author's response

Yes it does. I'm sorry, you'll hate me for this chapter to then. I promise they will talk again soon.

I'll have them tied to chairs or something, so they can't get away.

See, you've learn something and you taught it to yourself. Life is easier when you just say what's on your mind. lol.

Thanks for the review, you really made my day with that one, for real xx