Review for But I can fix you!

But I can fix you!

(#) RippedIntoPieces 2008-08-21

My holiday sucked, my stuff got nicked and I lost my notebook. I'm a Maximum Ride FF writer so I was upset about that.
Anyway, great chapters, it seems to get weirder as time goes on. I agree with Gee, I hate golf too, golf playing pirates more so. Although I do like Blonde Gerard.
2 things (sorry I'm really fussy/ocd): mikey's wife is called Alicia not Alisha and lose has one o.
I'm sorry, I'm a spelling freak, feel free to yell at me for criticism.
Awesome story

Author's response

WHAT WHAT WHAT? That's not a very good holiday, go back and do it again. LOL! I'm sorry to hear all that shit happened to you though.

Ha ha, yes they do suck, I think Gerard is just a little exhausted.

Ack, and no, fussiness is good, I will keep an eye on the spelling of her name, I thought hers was right and I was spelling Jamia's wrong, but I dunno. Why do they all have to have weird names?

And must have missed that one in spell check. I'm the worst speller in the world, so 2 eras is good for me :D