Review for Remember Tomorrow.

Remember Tomorrow.

(#) Anna2408 2008-08-27

Wow! I was so confused when I was reading the part with Gerard. I mean I couldn't believe it was him! But then, when she called this dude Gee I thought okay, maybe it is him and it all was a nightmare after all. But then they were back to that room and it wasn't Gerard! Really confusing, but still amazing! I love it!

And now she's 18! Three years missing! And I still can't understand how her parents could leave her like that!

And yeah, I too feel a little sorry for Gray. I mean he must be heartbroken that she doesn't recognize him!

Agh! So many questions! I have no idea how this story will go! But one thing I'm sure about is that she just has to find Frank! So please update very soon!

Author's response

I noticed a lot of people were confused by that part, and I hope it wasn't my blah writing that got you confused cause that happens to me sometimes, when I'm excited about something everything gets mixed up in my head and I don't write it out well so hopefully it's the idea that was a bit confusing and not the execution.