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Promises and dreams.

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"I missed you," a hoarse voice murmured in my ear, sending little electric shocks down my spine.

I smiled in my sleep, too tired to pry my lids open. A warm knock of air crept through my entire body as these arms I knew all too well locked around me, "I missed you too, honey. You wouldn't believe the dream I had."

"Did you dream about me?," I could tell he was smiling as he nuzzled my neck with his little cold nose, scoping me a little closer.

"No," I frowned, relaxing against him, "It was so bizarre, actually"

"Yeah?," he planted little wet kisses all over my neck and jaw, slowly reaching to my shoulder, removing the bit of fabric that got in his way.

"I don't even know why I dreamed it," my frown slowly melted, replaced by a smile, "Have you ever had a dream so real you thought it's the reality, Gee?"

"Plenty of times," he chuckled into my shoulder, "Only mine are more fun and they're about you"

I turned around to look into his amused face, the hazel darker due to the lack of lightning in his room, "I'm glad it was just a dream though. Where have you been?," I looked him over, noticing he wore his usual clothes. A T-shirt and what felt like jeans against my thighs.

He rolled his eyes, laying back on the pillow, "It's getting harder to sneak at night. I can't wait to get out of this shit hole," he pulled me closer so my head rested on his chest, "Finally start living our lives, get a little place of our own, get married," his hand brushed the hair out of my face, tangling the ends.

"Get married?," I chuckled, lifting my head a little to stare at him.

He wasn't kidding though, he looked down on me and nodded, "Yeah, like we planned all along"

"Planned all along?," I repeated, the sense of contempt of being his arms was replaced once again by panic so fierce I could throw up.

"Yeah Vi," he smiled a little, "We swore to be together forever, remember? Or are you getting cold feet now"

I shook my head, relieved to hear the old nickname and rested my head on his chest again, listening to his heart beat for a while. I racked my brains to dig up a memory of such promise but nothing surfaced but that fight when he told me he didn't want me. That was the last thing I remembered before having that dream and then it was all blank, like I lost a few years or months or something, "So why would you sneak if it's your home," I glanced around his room, expecting to see something different but it wasn't. The same posters, the same clutter of comics, Cd's and clothes, "Or did your parents put a dragon at the entrance to keep you from moving around?"

He chuckled, "Home? Like fuck it is. It was never my home"

"Sure it is," I whispered, overwhelmed by fear, "You grew up here with Mikey and your parents"

"Mikey?," Gerard stirred under me, removing his hand from my hair and lifted my chin to look at him, "Viola, again?"

I blinked, "Again what?"

He sighed, muttering something to himself, "Maybe you should tell me more about that dream you had, DR. Greg said it would be better if you talked about it"

"Dr. Greg?," my eyes popped. I wrenched myself from his embrace, jumping out of the bed, "It's like in my dream!"

Gerard hung his head down, shaking it but when he looked back up, he wasn't Gerard anymore. The hazel was replaced by a piercing blue shade, the messy hair turned it's color from black to light brown. His jaw more angular, sharp and strong. A handsome face was staring back at me with a defeated expression, but it wasn't Gerard's face.
For a moment I lost my voice, the room spun around. I gripped the walls but they spun around me so fast I felt like I was losing my conscience again. Strong hands were placed on my waist, guiding me somewhere but I kept my eyes tightly shut.

"It's happening again, Vi?," the voice wasn't Gerard's somewhat feminine squeak, it was more masculine but quiet. He was whispering.

I opened one eye and looked around, I was back at the white room. Surrounded by white walls that gleamed brightly even in the dark, with the same pictures on them and the same narrow bed I found myself laying in my dream. I closed my eyes again, "No. Not again," I rubbed my eyes and opened them again, finding myself in the same surroundings.

A strong warm palm struck my cheek gently, "Tell me"

I glanced up to the same face that was Gerard earlier, I was back in his strong arms, "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm Gray, Viola. Remember me?," he looked directly in my eyes, his voice trembled slightly, "Please"

"Gray?," I frowned. Too paralyzed with fear to scream or shout, "Who are you?"

He leaned back into the wall, banging his head with frustration, "Only your fiance"

"My fiance?," I gasped, "I...I don't have...I never...I'm...I'm 15!"

"You're about to turn 18," he pursed his lips together to form a thin line, no longer patient or gentle, the muscle in his jaw twitched visibly, "Which is why they're letting you free and then we can get married," he said the last bit with conviction, almost like he's trying to persuade me

"Free?," I perked up, feeling a sudden rush of emotion towards the guy as though he was the one freeing me, "It's not a dream?"

"No, Viola," he gritted his teeth, rubbing his own face with frustration, "You've been here for the past 3 years. You know what, I have to go before the guard realizes I busted the lock," he stood up sharply, giving me a rough kiss on my forehead, "Try to sleep, OK?"

I nodded as he tucked me back in, punching the shit out of my only pillow was probably his idea of fluffing it, "Where are you going?"

"Boys ward," he said shortly, "Try to remember, OK?"

"Remember what?"

"Us," he opened the door and after glancing around he disappear.

I lay in the dark, listening to the hushed random movement outside and to the silent regular breathing of the girl in the next bed.
Each and every sound sent my heart into a frenzy state, beating hard against my rib cage.
The muffled sound of steps outside the door.
A distant scream of someone clearly in pain.
The sound of the wind outside the window.
The walls were closing in on my, inch by inch, with every passing minutes.

It took every drop of strength I had in me not to scream as the sounds echoed in my head and the thoughts pecked my brain with a surprisingly sharp pain.
It was hard to take everything in and stop pretending it was a dream. Apparently I was crazy and apparently I was in a crazy place. I had a fiance and I didn't know him or remembered him. I didn't remember fucking anything to be honest, not how I got here and why and where's Frank and Gerard and Mikey. I had no memory of the past 3 years.
I had so many questions and I had no idea who to ask and who to believe.
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