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A walk down the hall.

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Twitches, answers and sisters.

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I woke up with a start at the same white room. Bright rays of light danced on the walls.

"I didn't mean to wake you up," the blond girl from before said apologetically, picking up the alarm clock from the floor and placed it on her cabinet, "It's hard to control my twitches in the morning"

"I'm supposed to know that, right?," I sat up in bed, pulling my knees to my chest. My first reaction would've been to scream and shout for answers but her face brought some kind of comfort to me, it wasn't enough to keep my heart from exploding at the sight of the white room again but it was enough to keep my volume down to the required minimum.

"Usually," she shrugged violently, her shoulders jerking up her arms.

"I'm not always like that?"

"You forget sometimes," another twitch shook her entire body.

"Can I get you something?"
I felt bad for her. She was so beautiful with her high cheekbones and big green eyes, I guess I felt like someone that beautiful didn't deserve to be...Sick.

She smiled brightly, shaken by another twitch, "It's OK, mornings are the worse but it gets better after I have my medication."

I nodded, looking around the room with curiosity.

"You don't remember any of it, do you?," she lay down in her bed again, gripping the edges with her hands but her face was turned on me.

I shook my head, "I'm sorry. We're friends, right?"

The girl giggled, "More like sisters"

"So I black out a lot," I mused to myself while staring in the mirror of the small bathroom. I looked older.
I still looked like myself only my features were more defined than I remembered them to be, more hunted too with deep purple shadows under my eyes, "I'm so pale," I touched my cheeks.

"It's the meds," Lily brushed my hair with a large blue hairbrush, her twitches not as severe as they were. She had the same yellowish pallor in her face, the same haunted look in her eyes.
If it wasn't for the hair, one could mistake us for sisters.
My hair was back to it's brown color instead of the multi colored locks I remembered to have, it was down to my shoulders and fairer then I recalled.

"So you're saying I blackout a lot," I grabbed a toothbrush and a paste from the cabinet and began brushing my teeth, lost in thought, "And each time I go back to different times of my past"

"That's the theory," Lily nodded, now brushing her own blond silky hair.

"And they can't stop it?," I frowned, "With all these fucking meds they fed me in the morning"

"They can't really cure the illness," Lily counted the number of strokes of the brush against her hair, "They keep us calm and out of society's hair," she giggled, "But they can't cure what's inside, not really and not for long"

"Gray said they're letting me free," I spat out the toothpaste and rinsed my mouth with the cold water from the tap, "If I'm that sick they wouldn't do that, right?"

"Oh so Gee stopped by again," Lily wriggled her eyebrows playfully accompanied by a slight twitch of her left cheek.

"He's my fiance, right?," the frown returned to my forehead, my heart fluttered at the sound of the familiar nickname.

"He's probably upset," Lily had somewhat accusatory tone to her voice, "Everytime you black out, he gets worse too. They tried to separate you but what can you do," she shrugged, "The guy has magic fingers," she wriggled her own long fingers, laughing loudly, "Literally"

I smiled weakly, "Yeah, but how did we meet? I don't even remember that"

"Here," Lily leaned on the sink, crossing her arms behind her, "When you came you didn't talk to anyone, like, at all. You barely ate or slept. You did cry a lot and scream a lot. You had this glazed expression and he was the first one you talked to"

"Oh boy," I frowned to my reflexion, "So we're crazy in love now?"

Lily chuckled, nodding.

"And where's Gerard?," I asked cautiously, "Or Mikey or frank, that lady nurse said Frank got out a few months ago, and my parents or brother?"

"I don't know. No one ever came to visit since you arrived and you only mention them when you're having one of your episodes," Lily wrinkled her nose thoughtfully, gazing into space, "You don't talk about them when you're normal"

I laughed at her choice of words," Normal. Something tells me I haven't been normal for quite a while"

"What's normal anyway, huh?," she said lightly, elbowing me.

I looked away, the few bits of new information I succeeded in obtaining didn't sound too promising.

"So what is this place anyway?"
We were washed, clothed and fed, walking down the hallway, I clutched Lily's forearm for dear life while casting curious glances all around me.
The hall was extremely long and white with a white linoleum floor, many white doors were lined on either side.
Some were opened with curious eyes peering at me. In fact, it was quite the theme. I received my fair share of looks and glares. I didn't even look that crazy.

"It's the girls ward," Lily led the way with her chin up, shoulders back and a wide confident stride, she looked in charge despite her mild twitches and ticks while I clung to her like a child clings to his mother on the first day in kindergarten, "The normal girls ward"

"Normal?," I chuckled under my breathe. I can't even remember who's the guy I was supposed to marry. If I was in the normal section, who's in the really crazy ward?

Someone screamed at the end of the hall, which was flooded with light from the open double doors, a number of girls gathered around. I winced at the loud screechy shriek and stood paralyzed when one of them broke into a fast run, knocking me down to the ground and continued to run.

"Lacey!," a heavy looking woman in white robes and two man came running after her, "Lotta!"

Lily shook her head, pouting, stretched her hand to help me to my feet, "She's at it again"

"Isn't she the-," I frowned, staring down the hall after them.

"Yeah, Lotta. She's pretty emotional. Laughing one minute, having a fit the next. Constant PMSing"

"Aren't we friends or something?," I grabbed Lily's forearm again and waited for her to start moving again.

"Yup. The 4 L's," she tore her eyes from the direction to which Lotta ran and started walking, "Lily, Lola, Litta and Lotta"

I cringed a little at the silly name but composed myself almost immediately, glancing sideways to see if Lily detected my displeasure, "So what we're a gang or something?"

"Of course not," she gasped, taking my meaning too literally, "We just stick for each other"

"Then why did we let our friend shriek away back then," I pointed my thumb at the opposite direction.

"What can you do?," she chuckled, pushing open the door into something that looked like the back yard of my old school with little branches and tables.

I let the fresh air strike my flesh as I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

"She has her own issues," Lily grabbed my arm and tugged, "And we don't mess with the staff. They're nice as long as we're nice. Number one rule, don't mess with the people with the pills, they can knock you out in seconds in the most unpleasant way."

"I don't think I need any help with that," I stumbled behind her when my eyes rested on the familiar warm face I didn't expect to see so soon...
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