Review for My Famous Life

My Famous Life

(#) Moonshyne 2008-08-31

I was so excited to see an update though I was nervous because it had the same chapter number. Then I read the word amount and was psyched when I started reading.

Yay for Frankie!!!

It seems he didn't remember how tough it was for her back then. When she only stayed with him so he would stop drinking and doing drugs. All he knew is that he wanted her.

I actually liked in a way she didn't want to remember that part of her life it was sad what she went through. But she always had someone to turn to someone who was always there.

I can't to read more.

Author's response

I'll change the chap number lol
Awwww yea... I really really love your reviews lol.
I'm smiling and I'm in my maths class atm hehe
Evil me.
But thanks.