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My Famous Life

(#) prettyodd 2008-09-02

OMFRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!! i havnt been on in lik 4evr!!!!!! iluvitiluvitiluvitILUVIT!!!!!!!!!!!! jayde can just go die under a rock. GO FRANKIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tht was ther really isnt a word 2 describ how ossimrific th was....nvrmd. THIS CHAPPI WAS OSSIMRIFIC BTUZ I DELCLARE SO!!!!! WHOEVR THINKS OTHERWISE CAN GO DIE UNLESS I KNO THEM (and happen 2 lik them) OR I JUST DONT WANT THEM 2 DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao yea bottem line: luv it [and frank but thts a diff story] keep it coming and cant wait 4 more 2 read from u while im eating my mango

wtf does `p.s.` stand 4 and i 4got 2 put in my all-almost-important speech tht mary should get 2gether wif bob. mmmtay im done now!

luvs from cassidy

Author's response

ok i didnt get what 'OSSIMRIFIC' means but okay!
i feel loved xD
and yes i think so too!