Review for How To Bang Miley Cyrus by Gerard Way

How To Bang Miley Cyrus by Gerard Way

(#) prettyodd 2008-09-04

ell emm eff ayy ohh! LOL tht was fuking halarious!!!!!!!! i cant wait 4 the next chappie!!!! i wish i cud update my stories as fastas u...i just dont have the time 2 do it anymore... :*( u shud put sum frank action in ther!...well i mean u shud put frank in ther 4 sum random reason...lik gee is stalkin miley and then frank runs past him screaming 'MANGO!!!!!!' or sumthin lik tht....
luvs from cassidy :]

Author's response

psh you don't think i forgot alla them! xD
they are comin in about a couple chapters. maybe in the chapter after the next, but we'll see! :D