Review for How To Bang Miley Cyrus by Gerard Way

How To Bang Miley Cyrus by Gerard Way

(#) ThnksbutiloveBobmore 2008-09-05

Um sort of, the whole past chapter.

I got a bit lost coz there was no P.O.V

and Im a little slow.

Was it like Gerard being beaten by his dad and then he snuck out do watch the date and then i got lost


Author's response

Well the whole thing was Gerard's P.O.V. btw.
First he was in his house getting beat by his dad, then he watched the date at the theater, then he went to a diner that miley,her date, mikey, nd his date all went to eat, called Johnny Rockets! :D
Then Gerard was spying on them from another table and then threw a meatball at Miley! Then she left to go to the bathroom and then Mikey told him to come over cuz he knew it was Gerard who threw the meatball haha, then he left cuz miley came back.
Sorry if it was really confusing! I'll explain things better next time :D

I just edited the story now! :D