Review for 22 Acacia Avenue

22 Acacia Avenue

(#) MCR_dynamite 2008-09-07

Great chapter! I was surprised at who it was. I was sure it was going to be Gary, so I'm glad you put in that twist. Do you know what would be good? If like, Bob says something about not being able to save Frank when Gary raped him, then Frank's like: WTF? then Bob said that it was actually him that tried to open the door. Then Frank would find out that it wasn't really Gerard.

Or Bob could steal Frankie from Gerard!!!

Or...steal Gerard from Frankie!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I'm getting carried away. I was just excited to see that it was Bob :P

Anyway, I love the story, I'll be looking forward to reading more :)

Author's response

:O Woh... I like the idea of it being Bob who tried to save Frank... I think I'm gonna use that :]
I'll dedicate the chapter to you, thanks for the review :]]