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Guess whos back...

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you guessed wrong

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A/N: Woot! Guess whos back... back again... Rayrays back.. tell a friend! :P Hey ya'll!! Just got back two days ago and I would have added then but I had to catch up with all the fanfics that had been added to while I was away, man, that took me ageees! But, finally, I can add to my own fanfics so heres the next chapter - ENJOY!!

"G - Gerard?.. Gerard, right?" The mans face was grubby and unshaven, a look of shock sitting awkwardly on his features. His hair was greasy and longer than it had been when I last saw him, his blue eyes werent as bright - one of them hidden behind his fringe. I struggled to get over my shock of seeing him after so long, he seemed to be confused as to whether he had got my name right and he tried again.
"I am right, it is Gerard isnt it?" He asked, his voice getting weaker the more he spoke, I nodded my head numbly before forcing my self to snap back into reality and stop gawking.
"Yeah - yeah it is. Oh my god... I havent seen you in ages, what are you doing here!?" I cried, Bob screwed his eyes shut and pulled the small winter cloak he wore around him tighter, shivering violently and opening his mouth to speak only to erupt into a coughing fit, covering his chapped lips with his hand and holding up the other hand as a sign of me to wait.
"S - sorry -" He croaked after eventually getting over it. A low wind whistled round him and he shivered again, a part of my brain seemed to click into place and I mentally slapped my self for not taking action sooner.
"Hey, your freezing come inside." I stood back and Bob continued to cough as he nodded his thanks and walked inside, I shut the door and led him over to a chair where I let him sit down and went to fill another glass with water for him.
"Are you ill or something? What are you doing in America, did you know I was here?" I asked. He shook his head and gratefully took the water off me, gulping it down as if it was the last he would get for a very long time.
"No, I had no idea. I knew you were in -" Bobs voice gave way and he gave me an apologetic look as he cleared his throat and tried again, his voice a little stronger this time. "I knew you were in America but I didnt know where exactly, I didnt think I'd find you. And I have a slight chest cold is all, its nothing major. I guess it hasnt been helped by me sleeping on the streets these past couple of nights." I sat down and gave him a sympathetic look. I still wasnt exactly sure why he was here in the first place but I would find out and I wanted to help him out, after all out of all the men who visited Acacia and used Frank he was the only one who showed any tenderness to him. I silently thanked him for that.
"What are you doing sleeping out on the streets? If you decided to come to America didnt you arrange a place you could stay first?" I asked. Bob shook his head and looked sadly at the floor.
"I didnt have time to, it was a erm... last minute decision you might say." He said the words sourly, almost spitting out of his mouth. I raised and eyebrow and leaned forward.
"What do you mean?" I asked. Bob sighed and looked to the side before slowly looking up to meet my gaze, a great sadness in his eyes.
"I didnt want to come to America, I was more than happy in England - Home is where the heart is and believe me my heart is British through and through. I heard about you and Frank and how you'd gone to America together and were all happy and in love etc etc, and I was happy for you. Infact, Merl threw a party in Acacia for you both saying she hoped Frank would be okay with you and how she felt she could trust you and so a party was in order to celebrate how Frank had been granted a miracle and all this other soppy stuff. Well, Gary was there and I dont know what it was - he just seemed to get angrier and angrier through out the night, I know Frank was his favourite but even so I couldnt understand why he was so angry. He went crazy... comepletely beserk, he got drunk and drugged and he cornered me one night and told me gays get sent to mental homes and that this was all my fault, he start shouting and pointing, yelling that I was gay and had raped him or something, people instantly believed him since this was no where near Acacia, these people thought Gary was just a nice respectable man - no idea he too was gay. They got angry, started shouting to get the police - I panicked, I didnt know what to do. I ran away and got the next ship out of there. I didnt have much money and when I got off the ship I found myself here and I had no place cheap enough to stay. I've been begging and scrounging for the past three days, until I found you." Bob stopped and took a deep breath, coughing some more and then drinking some water as he allowed what he had just told me to sink in. My mind couldnt digest it quick enough, I just couldnt believe it. How could this have happened? I didnt understand, sure Gary did seem a little psychotic but to go around trying to get Bob locked up was out of order, Bob had never done anything wrong. It certainly wasnt his fault that me and Frank had fell in love. In fact, in a sort of round about way it was Garys fault - after all if Gary hadnt raped Frank I would never have talked to him and nothing would have ever happened.
"I - I'm really sorry to hear that. Let me make it up to you." Was all I could choke out. Bob instantly frowned and shook his head.
"Dont be stupid, its not your fault. I've already took up much of your time, I dont want to get in the way of you and Frank, you two deserve a happy life - I'll just be in the way all the time. Please, the water was enough." Bob struggled to his feet and I jumped up to stop him from leaving.
"Dont be so considerate Bob - I cant just let you go and rot in the streets, plus, your ill. You wont be in the way, and I'm sure Frank'll be happy to see you. Please, stay here I wont expect any money and we have a spare room. Its no problem." Bob looked very tempted but too polite to accept, but then he was too polite to decline. He looked lost as to what to do so I made the decision for him.
"Come on, I'll show you upstairs." I grabbed his arm and gently pulled him after me.

A/N: Hahahahah, and you all thought it was going to be Gary! xD Would I be that predictable?... Okay, truthfully it was going to be Gary but I wanted to shock y'all so of course when everyone was like "Its Gary right?" I was like...dammit. So, I just made this up as I went along and made it Bob instead, no idea where I'm going with this but - I'm sure I'll think of something :]
Lemme know you hear me! (Review, and rate hopefully :])
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