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We'll meet again

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The pub had been in business for a whole month and business was doing great. Every day I would work with Frank behind the bar and smile as I watched him doing the thing he had always wanted to do, had dreamed of doing. Sure he worked behind the bar in Acacia but that was different, this was different. Here he was constantly smiling and laughing and with each day I seemed to love him more and more. The people who came to the pub often had all fallen in love with the sweet man behind the bar, the one with the strange rings of metal in his face, the one with the puppy dog eyes and floppy hair and the cutest grin you ever did see. Frank talked to everyone, anyone! He loved to socialise across the bar, only breaking the conversation to serve other people and then dragging them into the conversation until near enough the entire pub were chatting. I loved watching him work, and he worked so hard. We got more customers each day as news spread, everyone wanted to come to our pub and see Frankie. I think its because anyone who saw him could see he loved what he was doing, I mean take art for example. You could be an amazing painter but if you dont really want to paint your work wont be as well respected as someone who isnt as good as painting but just loves to do it. Thats what I think...
"Geeeee!" Frank sang coming up behind me and slipping his arms round my waist. We had just closed the pub for the night and I was finishing washing the last few glasses.
"Hey Frankie." I grinned, he rested his head on my shoulder and kissed the back of my neck. He was hot and a teeny bit sweaty from working so hard but it didnt bother me.
"We had such a great crowd today, were you talking to some of the people in here? I was talking to some teenagers and they have all these crazy plans about all kinds of stuff but I think its amazing and if they can pull off some of it then I think theyre gonna get really famous. Like this one girl, she wants to start drawing on people! Like, putting pictures and symbols and stuff on people but it'll be permanent, like a scar. She said she thinks she's getting really close on how to figure it out and she wants to test some on me maybe, isnt that brilliant?" He cried excitedly, I laughed and put the final glass into its place before turning round in his arms and slipping my own arms round him.
"Sure Frankie, just be careful okay. Some of the kids round here arent right in the head." I said fondly, Frank giggled and poked my forhead.
"Well, apparently we're not right in the head either." He smirked. I raised an eyebrow and tilted my head to the side, signalling for Frank to explain. "Mikey was in here and he was telling me that he had to go work in one of the mental institutes for the day to help out a friend or something -"
"Yeah, David works there." I said, Frank nodded and continued.
"Yeah, well, he was saying there are guys in there - and women too - who have been put in there because they like the same sex. Apparently spychologists think that if your gay then its a mental health problem. Theyre given medication and everything." I raised my eyebrows and felt a small bubble of anger appear in my stomach.
"But thats just stupid. Being gay doesnt make you insane!" I cried, Frank tightened his hold on me knowing how it upset me and rested his head against my chest, reaching his hand up to play with my hair.
"I know, it annoyed Mikey too. But he couldnt speak out other wise they would have thought he was mental too." He said gently. I sighed and tried not to get mad, it just really upset me knowing people would spend the rest of their lives locked up just because of the people they loved. It was sickening and it made me want to charge down to the mental institute and set them straight, but then I would be locked up and so would Frank. Our relationship was easier to keep a secret than we thought, our family knew and thats all we cared about. The girls who came into the pub would flirt shamelessly with Frank and even me sometimes, and both of us loved to flirt so instead arousing suspicions we would flirt back and so no one was any the wiser of Frank and I being a couple. Everything was perfect right now and getting angry would ruin everything we were starting to build.
"I love you Frankie." I said, to Frank this seemed slightly random but he giggled and leant up to kiss me.
"I love you too Gee." Our lips connected and I cupped his face in my hands working my lips slowly against his, his hands running through my hair before one hand went down to hold my waist. Our tongues snaked together and moved in lazy passion. We were both tired from working so hard for the week and we were looking forward to tommorow, it would be a Sunday and we could rest. We pulled apart after what felt like seconds but were probably minutes, and smiled at eachother. I ran a hand through Franks hair which had got longer so that it framed his face and brushed across the top of his shoulders, I thought it made him look sexy but he insisted that he was going to get it cut soon.
"I'm gonna go get a bath cos' I stink." He giggled. I laughed and kissed him for a second longer before allowing him to go off upstairs to the living quarters, I would stack the chair on the tables and then go up stairs myself. I moved out from behind the bar and began taking the chair and putting them on the tables when there was a knock at the door which I had locked. Confused, I went over to the door and looked out the window but whoever it was had their back to the door so I couldnt see their face. I unlocked the door and pulled it open with a raised eyebrow, I placed my foot so that the door was only open slightly and that the stranger wouldnt be able to open it if they turned out to be trouble. Ever since Frank had been living with me I had become more paranoid about danger, it was like I had some one to fight for, to protect unlike when I lived alone so I was often wary.
"Can I help you?" I asked. The stranger didnt turn round as they answered, as if they were looking for something on the road.
"Yeah, I know your closed but I could really do with a drink of water. And maybe directions for a cheap place to stay." The voice was male and croaky, as if they hadnt talked for a long time, or like they had been screaming until their voice went. Even so I could make out the English accent.
"Sure, just wait there." I said, feeling a little suspicous. Something in me was telling me to just shut the door and lock it until the person left, but it would be no harm to give them a drink. Even so, as I filled the glass with water I kept glancing over my shoulder just incase they walked inside. I wanted them to stay out. Thankfully they stayed facing the road and I went back to the door and positioned my foot against the door again before holding out the glass.
"Here." I said, the person turned slowly as if expecting something to appear on the road that they didnt want to miss, but when they finally turned their face to look at me shock covered their familiar features, the glass fell from hand and smashed sending water everywhere.
"Oh my god..."

A/N: Sorry it took so long to update! Ficwad was being an arse so when I put this chapter on a few days ago it got deleted and my computer hadnt saved it so I had to rewrite it. x_x But, tis on here now, sorry its not exactly long but I added a twist in there I hadnt been planning to in an attempt to break out of my writers block. And, your all gonna kill me but - I wont be adding for a couple of weeks cos Im going on holiday to Turkey. I dont want to but my parents are making me go falls over I wish I wasnt but there ya go, review and I promise to update as soon as I get back.
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