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And you'll be amazed at the secret I've kept

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A/N: Mwahaha, this chapter has a tasty little surprise in store for y'all XD Dedicated to MCR dynamite for coming up with the idea, is this person a genious or what?
Enjoy the chapter everyone, and of course reviews and rates are loooved :]

I showed Bob the different rooms, merely gesturing towards the bathroom as I explained Frank was taking a bath and then leading him into the living room where we sat down and he told me a little bit more about Garys strange breakdown. Apparently Bob had known something was going to happen but he didnt expect it to be Gary declaring that Bob had raped him. I listened intently, being patient as Bobs voice frequently died out or he was interrupted by coughing fits, he was ill, but I knew he would be fine in a few days now that he had somewhere proper to stay. The only thing bothering me at the moment was Franks reaction when he found Bob here. I hoped he would be okay with it, but I wasnt sure. Eventually we fell into a silence, running out of things to say while worrying about Frank.
Finally we heard the bathroom door open and close, and I looked up just as Frank walked into the living room, a white towel round his waist whilst he rubbed his hair with another one, his body dripping water and making me fidget a little knowing I wouldnt be able to just jump up and ravish him while Bob was here. He was looking at the floor so he could reach the back of his hair so didnt realise Bob was here.
"Hey Gee, I heard a knock at the door earlier, who was it? Oh, and I think we should pick up where we left off downstairs -" Frank chuckled and gave me an impish grin as he lifted his head up, but he saw the look on my face and his grin fell.
"Wha -"
"Hi Frank..." Bob mumbled, Frank stopped what he was about to say and turned slowly round, his jaw dropping when he saw Bob sat in one of the chairs. He snapped his head round to look at me as if unsure I was aware that Bob was here before looking back.
"Err... Bob... w - what are you doing here!?" He cried. Bob blushed a little and looked down at his hands.
"W - well..." He began but I got to my feet, cutting him off.
"I'll explain, you should rest your voice before your damage it. Why dont you go get a bath? I'll put some fresh towels in there in a moment." I smiled warmly and Bob gave a grateful nod, I helped him to his feet and ushered him past Frankie who just watched us with a dazed expression on his face, holding the towel he had used to dry his hair limply in his hands. Once I had got Bobs towels and helped him fill up the bath I left him in the bathroom and went back into the living room to find Frank exactly as I had left him.
"Err... Frankie..." Frank turned rapidly to look at me, his mouth still open and eyes still wide.
"What the hell is going on?" He hissed. I couldnt tell whether he was angry or not and I blushed a little at the feirce way he had said those words.
"Sit down, theres a lot to tell you." I said gently, obediently Frank dropped down onto the sofa, and clasped his hands in his lap. Watching me expectantly as I began pacing the living room. I began to tell him all that Bob had said to me, about Gary and his anger at us, of how he had accused Bob of rape and how he had had to flee to America so as not to get locked away. I then told him how he had been sleeping on the streets and that he now had a chest cold and then I had suggested he should stay here with us. Frank didnt once interupt as I spoke and his face kept the same stony expression. By the time I was finished he was staring at the wall behind my shoulder, seemingly thinking about everything I had said.
"I know I should have asked you first Frank, but I just didnt want him to be left out on the streets... I'm sorry if I shouldnt have told him to stay." I said quietly, looking down at my feet. I didnt see Frank get up but before I knew it he was infront of me and slipping arms around me, holding me close as silent tears ran slowly down his face. I was shocked at first but I managed to wrap my arms around him and hold him tight to my chest.
"I dont mind Bob staying with us, of course he shouldnt have to stay on the streets." He whispered, shaking a little. I pressed my lips to the top of his head, his hair still damp.
"Whats wrong?" I asked, Frank sighed and clutched me tighter, buring his face into my chest as he spoke.
"Gary. I thought coming to America would be our escape from him and yet he still manages to complicate everything. Its like no matter what we do he'll never be out of our lives." Frank spat the words out angrily and I sighed against his hair, gently rocking him. After a while I heard Frank mumble something against me and I pulled back, looking at him.
"What?" I asked, he wiped his tears away roughly and shook his head.
"Nothing. I just said - the bastard shouldnt accuse people of rape after everything he did to me. And that its him who should be locked up." I nodded my agreement as Frank looked over my shoulder, his face went pale and I frowned before turning and seeing Bob in the doorway, blushing a little. He must have heard what Frank had just said.
"Shit..." Was all Frank could choke out. Bob bowed his head and stepped into the living room as Franks eyes filled with more tears. "Please tell me you didnt hear that." He whispered, almost begged. Bob sighed and looked away, burying his hands into the pockets of his trousers, his hair too was wet and he was freshly shaven.
"I knew already." He said quietly. Both mine and Franks jaws dropped as we stared at him in disbelief.
"What?... How!?" Frank cried, Bob flushed and looked up at him with sympathetic eyes.
"Because I heard it... I was there the night it happened... I tried to get in the room but the door was locked. I couldnt even break it down..." Bob bowed his head again and my heart felt as if it had just fallen into my stomach and was now boiling in the acid, Frank going tense in my arms.
"I went down to Merl and tried to tell her but she just said she already knew and that Gary had paid her good money for it. I was so disgusted I stormed out... I've regretted it ever since, I should have gone back to the room and done more to get that pig to stop... But I didnt... I'm so sorry..." Bob looked apologetically at Frank who was shaking, his mouth and eyes wide open. He frowned and pushed out of my grip.
"Dont apologise, you tried your best Bob. Which is more than can be said for some." He spat and though he didnt look at me I knew it had been directed at me.
"Frankie -" I began, reaching out but he stormed out of the room as he said.
"I'm going to get dressed." Tears welled in my eyes as I dropped my arm back down to my side. He knew... He knew I hadnt been the one who tried to get in the room... he knew I had lied. It had been Bob... it had been Bob all along.
"Oh no... have I done something wrong?" Bob asked, sounding as if he just might break down if it turned out he had. I continued to look at the door as I shook my head, feeling like I was about to pass out.
"No Bob. You did everything right."
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