Review for Over Before It Started

Over Before It Started

(#) StandardToaster 2008-09-17

This made me cry.

And it also made me think long and hard about any relationship that I've ever had and ever hoped to have.

Not saying that this made me hopeless and made me give up on love

But it just made me think more carefully about things.

I know how that feels

When you want to love someone

But the feeling isn't there.

If that every happens again

I'll leave while it still hurts ME.

Thank you for the beautiful fic!

Author's response

Honestly, that's the reason I wrote it. I think that a lot of people can relate to the idea of staying with someone even when the feelings have dissipated - whether due to comfort or not wanting to hurt the other person.

Thanks a ton for the review - it's nice when people can relate. :)