Review for Bell Boy Bob

Bell Boy Bob

(#) Moonshyne 2008-09-24

Hi there Dondon,

I'm so bad I started reading this and again didn't read the author jut liked the premise.


That was way too funny. Poor Bob, what a bunch of weirdos.

I actually know someone who ended up marrying someone they met while speed dating, LOL!!

I really loved all the types of characters and how you made them so over the top especially the paranoid one.

Great job!!

Author's response

Lol very weird indeed.

Thanks for saying it was funny, I love humor stories. I would of done more weird characters but I only thought of it late on last night and wrote it up at like 1am so I was way too tired to write anymore lol.

Aww thats sweet that someone met there husbandwife speed dating :D

Told you I was addicted to writing lol

dondon xo.