Review for Son of the Serpents

Son of the Serpents

(#) Wonderbee31 2008-09-27

All right, and maybe by meeting him now, this means that maybe he won't be killed in battle with Thor after all. Loved how Larry continues to handle himself, as well as how he whittles the DE's down, and will look forward to what happens when they try and kidnap him to Hogwarts, as of course they couldn't ask like normal folk, no, they must have Harry by hook or crook.

Author's response

When I looked At the two sides:
Legion of Doom: Dr. Doom, Red Skull, the Hulk, Loki, the Wizard. And all thier followers.
The Justice League of Latveria: Dr. Doom, Serpent Society, Flag Smasher, Taskmaster . . I realized that Harry side was woahfully underpowered! So I brought in a Norse God for their side. Any guesses as to the identity of the "elves"?