Review for Morning Wood

Morning Wood

(#) midnight_moonlight 2008-10-01

Please don't be jealous! It hurts like hell, really hurts. But you get through it. MP3 player and chocolate, take them with you. Music to drown out the sound and the sugar to keep you going. :) Unless you have an artist who likes to talk (and make you giggle, like mine does!). And if you're really interested (which, let's face it, you're not), here's the one I'm having finished on Saturday:

Author's response

=O you just made me more jealous! That's a really cool design! I'd love to see it when it's finished too =D My friend and I were talking about our tattoo ideas all day today and now I'm so excited about it! (but the first will have to be something the parents won't see and then I'll go crazy when I leave for uni) Chocolate's a good idea, I've been thinking painkillers and someone to squeeze!