Review for Bushels of Bad Habits

Bushels of Bad Habits

(#) prettyodd 2008-10-01

lol bob rulz!!!! hes lik the most ossim skeleton since the one i dressed up! his name was frank......the janitor likd 2 play pranks on the teachers wif him lol.....ami luvz it!!!!! poor steph getting sick and watnot.....ijust got ovr the flu a few days ago... :( updat soon pretty plz!!!!! gives u a mt dew or watevr kinna caffinated drink u liks :) yea it was prolly me u was gunna esplain sumthin but i dont member wat it was either so it duznt matter anymoures lol...jus cuz i hafta say it I LUV THE STOREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont u just luv my perfect grammer lol

luvz cassidy! :)))