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Sick day

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They all saw, They all knew.

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I had woken up various times during the night prior to Tuesday to run to the bathroom to throw up. I suffered night sweats all night long and wasn’t feeling any better by morning time. I phoned Kate to tell her I wasn’t going to school because I had caught the sick bug.

I returned back to bed and slept in until around 10. After listening to my I-pod for as long as I could take, I got out of bed and shakily walked downstairs to get a drink of water.

My mom was in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading the newspaper when I walked in. She glanced up at me. ‘Why are you still here?’ She asked.

‘I’m dying.’ I said, sluggishly making my way to the cupboard to get a glass out and fill it with water.

I left without another word being said between us.

As much as I hate school and any form of education, staying at home does become incredibly boring after a while. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. My salvation came at around 4 when I received a phone call from Brendon, updating me with the latest news about Panic.

Apparently after yesterday’s text message discussion with Brent, the others confronted him about missing band practise and they had a slight argument. ‘It’s OK, I think it’s being sorted out’ Brendon was telling me ‘Ryan asked him if he actually wanted to be in the band, and he said he did so Ryan told him he had to start putting more effort into it, and then Brent said that he was too controlling and that we’re having too many practises, so I think we’re cutting down like a day...oh and Ryan asked him if he liked you.’


‘And he does, so Ryan was like ‘well even if you are in love right now you still need to stay focused on Panic, for the whole bands sake...or something like that.’

‘Ooh drama.’ I said. ‘I can’t believe Brent likes me.’

‘I don’t think any of us saw it coming’ Said Brendon ‘but that’s how Brent works. You never know what’s going on inside that guys mind. What will you do when you face him again?’

‘I’m not sure’ I said ‘I probably won’t say anything unless he says anything to me first.’

‘I doubt he’d say anything like that to you in person.’

‘OK, good.’

‘I’m taking it you don’t return his feelings?’

‘Not exactly.’ I said.

‘Ryan will be pleased.’

‘Why?’ I said a little too quickly, my heart skipping a beat.

‘Well you know, maybe he wouldn’t think it the must convenient thing if you dated. He is getting pretty serious about the band now...doesn’t want any distractions.’

‘He’s one to talk, he’s dating Jane.’ I scoffed, with probably a tad too much bitterness in my voice because Brendon seemed to pick it up.

‘I thought you and Ryan got on with each other now?’

‘We do...I just...I don’t know.’ I said lamely. My stomach turned ‘Oh I gotta go; I’ll talk to you later.’ I said quickly, hanging up and rushing to the bathroom where I made it just in the nick of time to vomit into the toilet.
_ _ _

I was still off school by Wednesday. I got a surprise visit from Kate, Spencer, Ryan and Jane at about 8 o’clock on their way back from band practise. I was kind of annoyed Jane got to be there when I wasn’t. Kate brought me cakes she had made in her cooking class today. I was quite touched by the pure gesture of them stopping by.

‘Do you think you’ll be better in time for the barbecue?’ Jane asked.

‘I don’t know’ I said.

‘I hope you are.’ She said. All I could focus on was Ryan’s arm around her. And the fact I must look hideous with my blotchy face and dishevelled hair that I had quickly scooped up into a messy ponytail when I saw them arriving. I had quickly pulled on an overly-large sweater that almost reached my knees to hide my pyjamas.

‘We miss you.’ Said Spencer ‘and Brendon sends his love.’

‘Aw, thanks guys.’ I smiled weakly. ‘How was practise?’

‘It was OK’ Said Spencer ‘We-‘

But he stopped mid sentence and appeared to be looking at something over my shoulder. They all were. I turned to look, and my heart sank.

My mom was walking down the hallway, oblivious to her onlookers. She was putting a coat around her skimpy tasselled outfit, but not quick enough. They all saw. They all knew.

An awkward silence ensued, no-one daring to say anything. I couldn’t look any of them in eye. ‘imahavetogo’ I eventually blurted, bringing a hand to my mouth, quickly slamming the door and rushing quickly towards the bathroom.


your reviews were excellent last time guys, thank you- as a reward I updated asap:) yay! So do you like Bob? We named our skeleton Scob.

I think my current chapters are pretty crap to be honest, but they are my more difficult we have the next chapter...and i'm not sure if i'll sperate the two events or not. I probably won't. In which case that means the chapter after is the one which i'm looking forward to writing.


And Jane isn't really planning something as evil plot, i hope i'm not being misleading. But she is kind of trying to reassure herself of something but it's...bleh..confusing to explain.

I have a feeling there's something i wanna say to one of you...possibly prettodd, but i can't remember what XD
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