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I felt almost guilty. Like a 5 year old caught stealing a cookie by their mom.

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xxalliexx and XxmarybethxX are my lovely NEW REVIEWERS (i wonder if i can keep this up throughout the whole story?) anyway, thank you guys, and to let_it_go and everyone else who reviewed. I love you like a fat kid loves cake.


Monday arrived too soon. Our first lesson of the day was art, which wasn’t so bad because you could easily get away with slacking off, which I took great advantage of. It was an especially relaxed lesson today though, because half of the class was off ill due to some sick bug that was going around, so Miss Hardy said we could work more on our 'Natural world' projects (which I never started) or paint anything we wanted. Her ideas were a bit bland to be honest; like peppers and oranges and leaves. So whilst she left to have her weekly catch up over coffee with the cookery teacher out in the main presentation area, I abandoned my rotting apple out of boredom and decided to create something else purely from my imagination. I found myself struggling.

‘What shall I draw?’ I asked, turning to Kate who was sat on the art stool next to me. The old rickety wooden stools were laid out in a circle around the room, so that you always had someone opposite you and either side of you. In the centre was a table which currently sported an animal skull and some sunflowers. Kate’s eyes flicked back and forth from the centre piece to her paper, her tongue poking out in concentration. ‘I’m not sure’ she said, before groaning in frustration and rubbing an eraser furiously up and down her work.

‘Stephanie.’ Monique said, running over to me ‘Bob has lost his clothes.’

‘Oh no’ I gasped, standing up and following her into the storage cupboard which adjoined the art room. In there were a group of girls looking sadly upon the naked skeleton on wheels, which was used to help create human structures. I had named him Bob, and only last week I had been in there draping him in left over pieces of material I found stashed in the corner of the cupboard. I was bored, and it was amusing for many of us at the time. ‘They even took his glasses.’ I said sadly.

‘Err, actually I did.’ Said Hattie ‘They’re mine.’

‘Oh. No worries. We’ll just have to start over. I’m thinking a whole new outfit design.’ I said, burrowing through the box of art supplies and picking out some yellow wool and flowery patterned silk.

I had just finished draping the rest of the wool over his head and tying it into bunches when Kate wondered in. ‘I like it’ She said.

‘How’s the drawing going?’

‘I finished. Finally. Want to come and see?’

I followed her out of the cupboard and over to her stool. ‘That’s amazing.’ I said, truthfully. Kate was such a talented artist, it’s insane. But it’s why I allow her to take this lesson so seriously. It was her passion, and I was happy for her to pursue it whilst I decorated the human structure skeleton in the cupboard. That way I didn’t distract her, I had other people to muck about with, and it all worked out fine.

‘Do you think its good enough for the wall?’ She sighed, cocking her head at it.

‘What, that wall?’ I asked, beckoning behind me to the back wall which was covered in various people’s art work. ‘Sure.’

‘Only the best of the best pieces make it up there’ she sighed ‘Ryan’s up there. I want to be up there.’

‘I think its good enough. Just put it up there.’

‘It doesn’t work that way.’

‘Why not? The pins are right here.’ I said picking the jar off the side table and rattling it. Before she could stop me, I was already taking her drawing and pinning it up on the wall. ‘Lovely’ I said.

A couple of people gasped and murdered to each other ‘she put something on the wall.’

‘What? It’s just a wall’ I said, raising an eyebrow and folding my arms.

‘I want something on the wall.’ Said Monique

‘Yeah me too.’

I was soon happily sat upon the table, busy pinning people’s works of art up on the wall for them as they handed them to me ‘What a break out! What a revolution! If there ever were a symbol for change and equality, let this be it.’ I proclaimed dramatically, stabbing a pin into the final picture as people giggled around me. Not wanting to be left out, I got someone to fetch me a piece of paper and some paint so I could quickly create a master piece of my own, which was hard with a dozen heads crowded round me, laughing at what I was doing. ‘Do you like it?’ I smiled, holding it up for Kate to see. It was a stick drawing of me and her under a rainbow. I had labelled it ‘ME + MI BEST FREND =D’

Kate laughed. ‘That’s so sweet! Even if it does look like a 3 year old created it. You’re not going to actually put that up there are you?’

‘Watch me.’ I said, having to stand up on the table to find a vacant spot, which happened to be next to a Papier-Mache’ creation of Ryan’s. I hung it up by a corner and bent back down to pick up some more pins when I heard some whisperings and the phrase ‘Oh my God Kate it’s your brother!’ which caused me to look up with a drawing pin sticking out of my mouth. I came face to face with Ryan who was standing with a large art folder in his arms amongst the dozen excited girls who were all staring at him and giggling to each other. Juniors from next door often passed in and out to collect art supplies.

For some unexplained reason I felt almost guilty. Like a 5 year old caught stealing a cookie by their mom. Why couldn’t he have walked in on me drawing a really good portrayal of an orange or something? Not that it would be something I’d do.

‘That’s very, um, nice.’ He said, thankfully looking pretty amused.

‘Oh you like it?’ I said, taking the drawing pin out of my mouth.

‘Mm-hmm.’ He nodded ‘Nice skeleton by the way.’

‘Thanks. His name’s Bob.’

_ _ _

For some reason Mrs Fitzergeld appeared very surprised when I handed my essay in, come English. ‘And it’s 1000 words?’ She said to me.

‘Just over, I hope that’s OK?’ I said, smiling at her sweetly. She merely blinked at me behind her spectacles and moved on.

The rest of the lesson was spent discussing how our essays on Bad Habits relate to the play we’re currently studying (the name of which I forget). I like discussing. It means no writing or reading, just talking. Which I’m good at.

_ _ _

On the ride home in the car, I received a text from Brent. This surprised me because we hadn’t texted each other before, nor had we conversed an awful lot before either. I had only met him twice and although I had given him my number that day in the park, as I did everyone else, I never really expected him to use it. I announced the text to Kate, Ryan and Spencer. ‘It says ‘Hey’’ I said.

‘Weird’ Said Kate. ‘I know him better and he never bothers to text me.’

‘Well he’s been ill lately hasn’t he?’ I said ‘Maybe he’s just bored.’

I replied with a ‘Herd u were ill. How u feeling?’

‘Or not’ I said, reading his new message. ‘He says he’s feeling fine now.’

‘What?’ Ryan said from the front. ‘But he bailed on band practise tonight because he said he felt like he was dying.’

‘Yeah, we’ve missed like four practises because of him now.’ Said Spencer ‘He’s come down with this sick bug.’

‘I’ll ask him if he’s going to practise.’ I said, texting him back. His reply was ‘nah.’

This seemed to make Ryan and Spencer ever so slightly infuriated. ‘Ask him why not’ Ryan ordered.

I texted Why. He texted are you going? I texted no. He texted ok.

‘Wait.’ Said Ryan ‘tell him you are going.’


‘Just do it.’

So I did. His reply was; I’ll probably come then ;)

‘Oh’ I said.


This was small and not very major, but it wasn't a filler. I don't do fillers. Please review and I'll give you the next update :)

You will learn something you should already be suspicious of.

& you guys don't seem to like Jane, which is pretty good I guess. But please realise she isn't exactly the devil in long skirts.:)
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