Review for 22 Acacia Avenue

22 Acacia Avenue

(#) lilrainforest 2008-10-03

Aww damn, poor Gerard. It kinda kills me to see him all worked up about Gary, and not being able to tell Frank. Can you pleeease let him tell at least Bob? I mean, dude, it seriously can't be good to keep things like that bottled up. Oh, and why didn't Frank notice that there were so many drinks gone at the end of the day? I mean, don't they like count the money or something?

Ugh, wow. And I'm saying all of this about a fictional story. You know I'm losing my mind over this. It's like, one of the best Frerards on FicWad now, and probably for a long time. Then again, I really did like An Angel and a Demon. You're such a fantabulous writer (:

Well, update soon please. I really want to see what's gonna happen next. I have a feeling things can only get worse, then better. Fix it!!!! D:

xo, Ray