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Put your trust in me

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The rest of the day went by in a haze, I was worrying like crazy and praying to God that Frank wouldnt see Gary and that he would leave soon. I kept bringing him drinks every time I noticed he needed one and each time I recieved some form of snide remark about Frank, Bob or myself. I ignored him and just kept bringing the drinks, watching as he got drunker and drunker.
By the time people began leaving, though the pub was full, I strode over to his table where I was shocked to find a local teenage girl being shamefully flirted with. She was giggling and blushing, clearly flattered but I hope not interested, I scowled and folded my arms as I stopped beside the table, the girl noticing me first.
"Oh - Hello... I... I was just leaving." She said nervously, hurrying to her feet and out of the pub. She knew I knew her parents and clearly was panicked that I had seen her. Gary snorted and took a large gulp of his drink, finishing it and handing me the glass, expecting me to wander off and refill it. When I didnt his bloodshot eyes met my mine in a frosty glare.
"Come on Gerard baby dont just stand there, I'm dying of thirst here." He laughed sourly at his own joke and I curled my lip in digust.
"I highly doubt it. I've come to tell you to get out, I gave you your drinks and now you have to keep to your end of the promise." I snapped. Gary smirked and leant back in his chair, lazily picking at his teeth.
"Which was...?" He questioned, I gave a deep breath to calm down and tried not to shake from the force of my anger. I hated this man, I truly hated him.
"That you'll leave when other people start to, we're closing in about an hour anyway so get out." Gary ignored me for a moment, picking away at his teeth as if I wasnt even there. I struggled to resist the urge to hit him.
"Hm... I dont feel like leaving." He said eventually, not looking at me but at a bit of plaque beneath his nail.
"Tough. Your leaving right now. Before I get really angry." I snarled. Gary laughed to himself, going back to his teeth. I could tell I had probably gone red by now and I was just coming to the conclusion that if I hit him hard enough to knock him unconcious in one go I could say that he was an ill man who had fainted and then take him to the 'doctor' and when no one was looking drown him in the nearby lake, when he grunted and got to his feet.
"Well, I'm in a compromising mood today so I'll leave... for now... have a nice night Gerard baby." He said with a cruel smirk, a look that told me I better be watching my back. I couldnt come up with a reply quick enough before he had dissapeared through the crowd of people and out the door.
But for how long?

"Frankie, did you lock the door and all the windows?" I asked, as Frank, Bob and I sat in the living room that night. Frank and Bob exchanged glances I couldnt decipher the meaning of before Franks eyes locked with mine once more.
"No - you did. And you've asked me that about a hundred times now." He said, a look of worry on his face. I blushed a little and forced a smile.
"O - oh, I was just checking. Didnt realise I'd already asked you, I'm just tired." I tried to cover up. Frank raised a disbelieving eyebrow but didnt say another word. He began talking to Bob as I tried to calm my nerves, I was panicking about Gary - what if he showed up while we were asleep? I had been tempted to hide a knife beneath my pillow just incase but I didnt know a way to get it there without Frank noticing, plus I'd probably end up stabbing my hand or something during the night. My stomach was churning and I was scared out of my wits, it wasnt that I feared Gary per se, it was the unknown I feared. And I didnt know when Gary would next turn up or what he planned to do when he did. I didnt want to see Frank or Bob hurt and I knew that Gary was here for something, revenge? Frank? Bob? I just didnt know. And thats what scared me, until I knew what he wanted I wouldnt know how far he planned to go in harming us, was he here to kill us? Or just hurt us? Did he want to avoid all conflict and just make us fear for our lives for a while? I had no idea how the man worked, and he had quite obviously gone insane if he had come all the way to America to find us.
"Gerard?" Bobs voice snapped me out of my suffocating thoughts and I looked at him with a blank expression, my eyes wide and betraying my fear. "Are you okay?" He asked weakly, already knowing the answer though I tried to smile and hide it.
"I'm absolutely fine. Why wouldnt I be?" I asked. Bob shrugged and I felt bad, I wanted to tell them so I wouldnt have to worry alone, but what was the point in burdening them with this?
"I'm just tired, today was manic." I pointed out. Frank nodded his agreement and Bob seemed to cheer up a bit now he had been given this believable answer.
"Yeah it was, this place was packed - is it usually like this?" He asked.
"Nope. Its the busiest we've ever seen it, I loved it though. Poor Gee, couldnt handle it could you baby?" Frank joked, Bob laughed and I forced a small giggle but the word baby had sent a shiver down my spine - What was it with Gary calling me Gerard baby all the time anyway?
"I'm gonna head off to bed... see you guys in the morning." I said, managing a fake yawn. Frank got to his feet instantly and kissed me quickly, saying a happy goodnight soon followed by a hug and 'see ya in the morning, sleep well' off Bob. I managed one last smile for them before leaving the room and creeping to the bedroom where I peered out the window and into the dark street, looking for anything that looked out of place but there was nothing... It didnt soothe my mind though.

"Hey Gee, you asleep?" Frank whispered, so quiet I could barely hear him - just incase I was slepping. I rolled and looked at him with bloodshot eyes, how could I sleep when I was panicking constantly about Gary?
"No. I was erm... waiting for you." I lied quickly, incase he asked me what was up. A develish smirk graced his beautiful features, and my heart rate increased slightly, I was still cast under spell so easily.
"Oh yeah, what for?" He asked teasingly, crawling into the bed and snuggling up beside me, tangling his legs in mine. I kissed the top of his head but this was quite clearly no where near enough and he tilted his face upwards to seal his lips with mine. My hands instinctively went down to grip his waist and he shifted so that he could roll us over and lye on top of me, his lips working gently against mine as his tongue began asking for entrance which I readily granted. For a moment the thought of Gary was pushed to the back of my mind as Franks hips began pushing and grinding against mine, I gasped into his hot mouth as his tongue wound round mine and his fingers tangled into my hair. He groaned quietly into my mouth and for no reason at all Gary soared into my mind and my kissing ceased, my eyes snapping open and my hold on Frank loosening. I grew tense beneath him and he pushed himself upwards to look down at me properly. I looked away feeling like an idiot.
"Gee... is everything okay, really?" He asked, worrying lacing his words. I refused to look at him as I said rather huskily 'fine'. He frowned and rolled off me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me over to face him.
"Swear to me you'd tell me if there was, I'm here for you. You can trust me." He was almost begging me to believe him and my heart ached to know I couldnt tell him.
"Of course I would Frankie. I love you." I smiled, surprising even myself at how convincing I sounded, Frank seemed satisfied and he gently kissed me before resting his head on my chest, whispering that he loved me back and falling asleep.
If only sleep would come so easily for me, but all I could think is what would happen if Gary showed up now...
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