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Gerard baby

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mwahahahaha I'ma back, and this is a short but important, hopefully awesome chapter :] xox

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The next day the pub was packed, there was no explanation as to why it had become so busy but Frank seemed to be in his element, although Bob and I seemed a bit 'in over our heads'. Frank zoomed from one end of the bar to the other, getting drinks and socialising with ease, Bob seemed to be okay but a little stressed, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with all the orders, though I kept a cool look and besides, the customers were all happy and relaxed, the whole atmosphere felt great. I was at my most stressed and happiest, it confused the hell out of me but I guess it could be labeled as some freakish type of adrenaline. Either way, by lunchtime no tables were empty and I dont think I would have been all too surprised if Frank had dived onto the bar and started juggling the glasses. I was laughing along with Bobs jokes and everything was going great. I had my back to the customers when I felt someone tap my shoulder, I was busy trying to find more glasses and called a "yeah" to indicate I was listening.
"Could I have one ale?" Came the gruff voice of a man.
"Comin right up!" I called, fully aware that my arse was in the air as I rooted around the bottom shelves on the floor. It became more obviouse when someone (Frank I assume from the giggle which followed) slapped my deriare with impressive force. I yelped and fell to my haunches, glaring up at Frank who smirked and tried to look innocent.
"Couldnt pass me a glass could you babe?" He asked sweetly. I threw the glass at him and he caught it with ease, blowing me a discreet kiss before sauntering off to the other end of the bar. I was tempted to follow and smack his ass back but then remembered the ale I was supposed to be getting and grabbed the glasses I had been looking for and began filling one with the light alcoholic drink. I spun round and realised I didnt know what the customer looked like.
"Err... ale?" I called to the crowd round the bar, the man directly in front of me reached out a bruised and dirtied hand, he hadnt taken his cloak off despite the fact that we had a roaring fire going, and the hood hid his face in shadow.
"Here ya' go." I handed him the ale and was about to mention the price when he looked up and flashed me a toothy grin. My heart felt as if it fell into my feet, and my breath hitched in my throat.
"Cheers Gerard." He said smugly. For a moment I was at a loss for words, I could hear Frank and Bob laughing along with some customers, probably at one of Bobs jokes so I was relieved to know that at least they were unaware of this. My eyes locked with his and I struggled to speak, choking on the words that wouldnt come as I clenched my fists so tights my nails dug painfully into my palms.
"Y- Y - YOU!" I gasped, falling forward to slam my palms onto the counter as he eyed me with amusement, sipping his drink casually. "G - get out... get out of here now!" I whispered harshly, my entire body quaking with anger that he even DARE enter here. I was ready to tear his face off and use it as a dish cloth, I was so angry and I couldnt let Frank see him, I couldnt let him.
"No, I'm quite comfy here thankyou. Besides, you dont want to make a scene infront of all these people now do you?" He teased. My anger was bubbling close to the surface, about to spill over but he was right. What would happen if I tried to harm him infront of all these people who knew nothing of his evils. I was considering pummeling him anyway when he found my weakness.
"And we wouldnt want anything happening to poor little Frankie now, would we?" My anger dissapeared in a flash and a lump rose in my throat. I had no idea what he could do to Frank when he was on the other end of the bar and I was right here, but anything that posed any risk to Frank was enough to make me shut up and listen. He saw this and smiled.
"Get out of here... please." I begged quietly, the blood roaring in my ears. He leaned back casually and sipped more of his drink.
"Noo, I dont think I will. Tell you what, lets make a deal, I'll sit on that table right at the back where dear darling Frank wont see me, and you keep me comfortable by bringing me a drink whenever I need it - everything free. Hows that?" I scowled and raised my fist.
"You wish -" I began but he cut me off quickly.
"You might want to think this through Gerard." He warned, his voice confident. I slowly lowered my fist and thought about it, I couldnt let him hurt Frank and if all he wanted was a few free drinks then fine, just so long as he left.
"Okay... only if you leave later on - before everyone else is gone and Frank see's you." I snarled. He considered for a moment before shrugging and saying.
"If I feel like you did a good enough job bringing me my drinks then okay, I'll leave. So. Pressures on you Gerard Baby." And with that he winked at me before wandering off to the back of the pub, where he sat at the table he had indicated as promised. Frank and Bob completely oblivious, and there was only one thought in my head.

A/N: Its short I know, but I wanted to just put a little taster in, yeaaaah people - Ima back in business!! Woot! Reviews are obviously loved and wanted and craved :] Gasp, shock horror, what beast has come into Fee and Gees life now?? I think we all know wiggles eyebrows I got some interesting, hopefully unexpected, and possibly risky ideas up my sleeves for this story, Its gonna take a different twist, y'all may like it, y'all may not. Hopefully you will, but there wont be an update till I get some reviews letting me know your all still alive!
Looove you all and thanks for sticking with me :] (assuming you did :P)
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