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its getting interesting, and twisted...

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"Gerard!" Bob practically yelled in my face, I jumped and looked at him in horror as my chest tightened, I clutched my heart and took deep gasping breaths as Bob looked at me with a worried expression.
"Fuck, Bob dont scare me like that!" I cried, Bob smiled apologetically as he ran a hand through his hair.
"Sorry, I have been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes. You were really spaced out, are you okay?" He asked. Are you okay? That seemed to be the only thing people were asking me now. I sighed and nodded, forcing a smile.
"Of course I am. Sorry, I was just thinking about... something." I said, feeling exhausted despite it only being the start of the day and the pub was still empty.
"Well... If your sure..." Bob didnt sound convinced and I groaned.
"Yes I'm sure. What did you want Bob?" I asked, trying not to snap. I was on a short fuse today. Bob seemed to notice this and spoke quickly.
"I was just going to ask you if you thought we needed to bring another barrel in, but when you were spaced out Frankie went to get it while I tried to get your attention." He said sheepishly. I sighed and nodded.
"Actually... I wonder if Frank needs help, he's been gone a while." Panic swelled in my chest and I was still trying to convince myself not to be so stupid and jump to conclusions when Bob casually declared that he would go check and wandered out of the bar to the tiny courtyard behind the pub. I gripped the edge of the bar and sighed, today was going to be a long, long day. As would tommorow and the next day, right on through until Gary made himself known. I was well aware the easiest thing to do would be to just tell Frank and Bob and I planned to, but it was turning out harder than I thought.
"Gerard! GERARD FRANKS BEEN HURT!" Bobs frantic shout caused my stomach to drop, I didnt hesitate before diving over the bar and beginning to run towards the door that led to the courtyard, I seized the handle and yelled out as someone grabbed my wrist and renched me backwards so forcefully I fell to the floor, hurting the base of my back. I hissed in pain and was pulled to my feet by strong hands, there was more than one person I realised as one man grabbed me round the waist and slung me over his shoulder, running in the opposite direction to the door that led to the main road.
"NO! NO FRANKIE! BOB FRANK HELP!" I screamed, struggling in the mans muscley arms, stretching my own arm out as if trying to grab the air. I saw the door from the courtyard burst open and I caught a glimpse of Bob in the doorway, eyes wide with horror and Frank propped up against the wall behind him, blood spurting through his fingers that he held to his forehead, tears streaming down his face and a choked yell escaping his lips as he saw me get taken out of the door and out of sight.
"FRAAAAANK! NOOOOO!" I yelled so loudly my lungs felt like they were on fire, the man who held me slung me round so he was carrying my bridal style, slapping a hand over my mouth to muffle my yells. A smirk was on his face as he looked down at me as he ran, ahead of us I could see two other men, one I didnt recognise - the other. I did.
"GERARD! GEE -" It was Bob, he was racing down the road after us, a lot faster than I would have imagined he could run, Frank struggling to run behind him. I twisted in the mans arms, trying to break free and run to them, but the man was strong and only slung me over his shoulder again, picking up the pace. We had had such a head start that soon Frank and Bob dissapeared from sight as we turned a corner, then quickly turned again into an alleyway, running and turning until even I was lost. There was no way Frank and Bob would find me, and my heart broke not from fear for me, but from knowing how this was going to hurt Frankie.

"Just dump him there." Gary ordered and I was slung into the corner of a dark, damp room. I grunted as I collided with the wall, I was exhausted from screaming and crying, my ribs ached from where they had bounced on the mans shoulder and I felt drained. I didnt feel the pain of my head hitting the wall, but I felt the small trickle of blood run down the back of my head as it tickled the back of my neck.
"Thanks very much you two, heres your cash." I watched with glazed vision as Gary handed to small bags of gold to the two, extremely thick set men. They grinned at one another with yellow brown teeth, the one who had been carrying me I saw had watery blue eyes and a twisted nose that must have been broken at least twice. He and the other man looked at me with ugly sneers before dissapearing out of the room which was part of an abandoned building beside the river that flowed near the pub, but this building was a lot further upstream from the pub and reached through a forest. It had been flooded by the river quite a lot I guessed, from the stomach churning smell of old water and fish, the walls were streaked with green and brown and puddles were in the corner of the room, the ceiling damp.
Gary locked the door and leant his back against it, crossing his arms over his chest and smirking at me. He had a lot less hair than I remembered, and his moustache had gone. For a while we just stared at eachother, he smug, me. Broken.
"Well. That was actually much easier than anticipated. How do you like my new home Gerard baby?" He asked, I frowned and he laughed. "Its not luxury I know, but I didnt exactly have enough money with me to buy a real place, so I found this. Its alright in some of the upstairs rooms, theres still a bed." He winked at me and my stomach churned, he was so disgusting.
"Are you going to speak to me or not Gerard baby?" He asked, walking over to me. I pressed my lips into a thin line, determined not to speak to him. He smiled to himself. "No matter, that just makes it easier for me." He said happily. I didnt like the sound of that and I proved to be right when his lips collided with mine, I felt vomit rise in my throat and slammed my hands to his chest, trying to throw him off me but he crushed my wrists in his palms and pushed me up against the wall his tongue ramming into my mouth when I tried to scream. I struggled against him but I was trapped between him and the wall, I was starting wish I would hurry up and vomit into his mouth but I couldnt. Tears streamed down my face and I gasped for breath when he pulled away from me, he used one hand to hold my wrists and I was so exhausted I couldnt even break free from one hand, his other began pulling off the buttons of my waist coat and I whimpered and begged him to stop, he ignored me and my eyes grew wide as a memory replayed in my mind.
"What are you doing?" Came Franks frightened voice.
"I'm undressing you silly." Garys voice was low and gruff, sharply edged by lust.
"W - what for?"
"Because I'm returning the favour Frankie baby. I'm gonna show you how much fun you can have with a real man." My heart began hammering painfully against my ribs, my stomach giving a sickening churn.
"No - its okay. Its just my job you dont have to repay anything."
"Oh but I want to." Frank began desperately saying how he didnt want anything, that he was fine. That he didnt want to do anything anymore. But Gary gave no reply and I could hear him sucking on something, something like fingers.
"Dont be so shy Frankie, you just lye there like a good little boy and I'll do all the work." Franks voice was cut off by a horrified cry. I slammed my hands over my ears, I didnt want to hear - I didnt want to hear!
"S - stop p - please. Please no, Stop it I dont want to. I dont want to! STOP IT! PLEASE! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE I DONT WANT TO! PLEASE - P - PLEASE." Franks begging was mingled with his sobs and I felt tears welling up in my own eyes. "MERL! MERL HELP ME! MAKE HIM STOP! SOME BODY PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP! MAKE HIM STOP!" The walls were so thin here it was like Frank was right next to me, screaming down my ear and I so wanted to help him but it was like I was paralyzed, trying to block out his desperate cries.
I stopped struggling as my shirt was thrown off me, my lips had parted slightly and Gary was sucking on the flesh of my neck, struggling with the button on my trousers. Oh god... Frank... Frank had been through this, and I hadnt helped him... I had always known it was horrible for Frank, but there was no way I could have imagined how truly sickening it was and I felt like stabbing myself for not saving him... for not doing anything when I had heard... Garys lips trailed to my chest and it sickened me, but now I was sickened with my self and I let him carry on, this was my payment - God was making this happen because I hadnt helped Frank. As Garys hand plunged into my trousers I closed my eyes and thought of Frank, imagined he was holding me and singing me to sleep. It didnt work but I refused to let go of the image as tears straked down my cheeks.
So. This is karma?

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